Website SEO Submission

Website SEO Submission

Website SEO Submission


Magic Submitter is a program to improve SEO by submissions to article directories, driving traffic to a website, Magic Submitter website creates backlinks.


Can the Magic Submitter create links which drive traffic to your site and make you money? I think there is a link missing in the chain. Read the review for the weakest link.



Website SEO submission


Product Name                  : Magic Submitter

Magic Submitter Website:

Magic Submitter Creator : Alexander Krulik

Type                                  : Social Bookmarking and Article Submission Software

Magic Submitter Price     : First month $4.95 and then $67/month. + upsells.

Ranking                             : 45/100


Website SEO Submissions – What are they?


First, there are hyperlinks. When you move your mouse over a piece of text that is in a different colour and the mouse pointer changes, usually to a hand shape, the text has a link to another web-page. That is called a link, a hyperlink.


Website SEO submission


When another website creates a link like this which links to your website. That is called a Backlink.


A lot of backlinks to your site raises your rankings with Google and helps you get on the first page.


Website SEO Submission



The Magic Submitter will search the internet for relevant links and submit your articles and websites to article directories and other useful sites.


This creates the “backlinks” on your site which in turn should attract traffic (visitors,) to your site. These visitors will hopefully buy whatever product you are marketing, well, some of them will.


The software does this by submitting your articles (content) to selected sites and posting your article on them.


It submits your content to:


  • Article Directories
  • Video Sites
  • Forum Sites
  • Press Release sites
  • Blog sites Social sites etc.etc.


It will create accounts for you on various sites.


In theory, this is a useful chain of events.



Website SEO Submissions, the First Break.


Google does not like this kind of article duplication and distribution, so you need to write several different versions of your articles.


If the software submits identical articles to lots of websites, Google will pick this up and eventually kill your ranking.


You will probably also need to set up several different memberships with different names and different email addresses to avoid duplication.



Website SEO Submissions, the Second Break


At one time, some years ago, backlinks were very popular but it became miss-used and article sites were flooded with spam and poor quality articles (content.)


Google change their algorithms regularly to uncover this kind of practice and prevent poor quality content and spamming from happening.


Google can identify original and duplicate content.


Many websites now do not accept duplicate articles. They have inbuilt filters to block them.


The Magic Submitter does have a workaround. They recommend you “spin” your content. You can run your articles through a “spinner” that alters them slightly so that the duplicate filters do not pick them up.


This software costs extra.



Website SEO Submissions by Magic Submitter


The software does seem to work. It uses what are often termed “Grey Hat” techniques to get around the protection and filters inbuilt into sites you will be submitting to.


There is a big danger that your site will be identified as a “rogue” site and all Search Engine rankings will disappear. You may as well start another site and start again.


The Software is quite complex and if you do decide to have a go, be careful to learn as much as you can before you really start it off. There are no brakes.


Any Program that promises to automate all the things you need to do is suspicious to me.


If it was that easy, why not set up a 100 of these programs and press their buttons?


Website SEO Submission



The Good in Magic Submitter for SEO Submissions


  • There is a product
  • It does Work.
  • You may well get a lot of traffic to your website.
  • If your aim is to submit a lot of articles to directories etc., this may be the program for you.
  • It could save you a lot of work.
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • A range of training videos within marketing and SEO
  • This is a Clickbank product and they offer a 60-day money-back guarantee.



The Bad in Magic Submitter for SEO Submissions


  • The traffic you get is likely to be poor quality and your
  • Conversion rate will be low.
  • Hard Work
  • Complicated software and processes
  • Grey Hat techniques can ruin your site forever.
  • Not a press a button and sit back and watch it go.
  • Back Links not loved by Google
  • Better ways to do the same.
  • Expensive to run, over $100 a month.
  • A lot of Hidden Costs.
  • There is no Magic Button.


Who is Magic Submitter for SEO Submissions for?


Experienced online marketers who are comfortable using techniques frowned upon by most people in the business.



Who is Magic Submitter for SEO Submissions Not for?


A beginner who wants to create a new online business without too much hassle.


Someone who wants to build a lasting sustainable online business in a way that avoids the difficulties of using Grey Hat techniques.



Tools and Training in Magic Submitter for SEO Submissions


Some of the tools we have mentioned here are quite expensive, and not included in the basic monthly price.


There is video training in how to use the software and seems to be quite a lot of email support.


For someone who would like a grounding in this type of business, there is quite a bit of training available.



Support in Magic Submitter for SEO Submissions


Email support and there is a community which you can query ideas and problems with.


Monthly updates and Interactive forums are promised.



Pricing and Upsells in Magic Submitter for SEO Submissions


There is quite a high price to pay for this software considering there are a few upsells which mean you will need over $1000 in your first year to get this business off the ground.


$67 x 12 = $804 alone.



Balancing Out the Pros and Cons of Magic Submitter


It works but there is a serious risk to your website being blocked and you will have to start again.


It will get you traffic to your website but only poor quality and your conversion rate (sales) will be low to non-existent.


There is a one-month trial of $4.95 but the real cost once you get going is about $67, rising to $129 per month with upsells.





Backlinks are useful but they not what the search engines are looking for today. There are other ways of getting good rankings and decent traffic to your website.




I feel this is miss-information. Backlinks are not the only way to get traffic and certainly not the best, in my opinion.


The real secret ingredients to ranking are:


  • Quality Content (Articles.)
  • Articles which help people solve a problem.
  • Problems solved are in a niche that has little competition.
  • Consistent level of activity on your site with a clear message to give people.


Some backlinks are useful but they should be genuine ones, i.e. not generated by software using dubious techniques. Google knows the difference.


Product Name                  : Magic Submitter

Magic Submitter Website:

Magic Submitter Creator : Alexander Krulik

Type                                  : Social Bookmarking and Article Submission Software

Magic Submitter Price     : First month $4.95 and then $67/month. + upsells.

Ranking                             : 45/100


Website SEO Submissions, a Better Way


There are better, more sustainable ways to create an online business.


Wealthy Affiliate


You can use Jaaxy Keyword research tool for Search Engine Friendly Optimization, without paying these record high fees.


There are excellent training and a transparent program available. You can learn the ingredients to creating websites which attract good quality traffic and put you on page 1 of Google.


A support community of over 900,000 people is there to help you over any hurdles and encourage you.


A genuine free trial to see if you like the business and the community leads you to the real way to build a fantastic sustainable business.


Start Your Online Business


The eventual cost if you want to go “Pro” is less than Magic Submitter and you will not risk getting shut down.


You can learn how to create genuine valuable links which can generate good quality traffic.


There is one point you really need to understand: it takes time to build any business and this is no exception, but it lasts.




Website SEO Submission

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