Aweber vs Getresponse Review

Aweber vs Getresponse Review


Aweber vs Getresponse Review



What are AWeber and GetResponse? AWeber and GetResponse are programs, (for small business owners,) to use in email marketing campaigns. They are email marketing platforms to help you to create your campaigns and automate your emails. In this AWeber vs GetResponse review, we compare how they both work and the prices.


AWeber and GetResponse are internet marketers’ and affiliate marketers’ tools to


  • Set up campaigns,
  • Create free eBooks,
  • Create software,
  • Free courses and products
  • Enable you to exchange email lists with other businesses.
  • Build automatic responses to incoming enquiries and orders.


That way you can save money on building your lists. It is an effective way to capture emails and make the most money from them.

AWeber and GetResponse are similar tools for internet marketers and affiliate marketers to choose from



  • Which tools are better at creating more attractive landing pages?
  • Which have the best templates?
  • Are they simple and easy to use?
  • Which has the better support?
  • Are they compatible in price?


Continue to read to find out more information.


Name                      : AWeber
AWeber Website    :
Price                       : 30 days FREE trial

CEO                        : Tom Kulzer

Overall Rank          : 80 /100


Top Affiliate Marketing Program

AWeber Overview

AWeber is an email marketing platform for small businesses and internet marketers. to create a campaign, send and collect email from customers. AWeber was founded by CEO Tom Kulzer in 1998. AWeber provided a great tool, training and support for marketers. AWeber also gave first-timers a 30 days’ free trial to get experience using their tool.


Try AWeber free for 30 days! – AWeber Communications


AWeber email marketing features you can create:


  • Email newsletters,
  • Drag and drop editor,
  • HTML templates,
  • Email automation,
  • Tagging,
  • Auto-responder follow-ups.

What is AWeber About?


AWeber is the oldest email marketing service provider company and has been around since 1998.


You can use AWeber to create and develop an opt-in email marketing platform and service to help small businesses and entrepreneurs all over the world. You can manage and use this email tool to communicate with your subscribers all over the world.


These reviews walk you through about AWeber and GetResponse comparison.



How AWeber Can Help Your Business


AWeber is a great and powerful email marketing tool. It allows you to set-up your campaign to collect emails from your subscribers and build a powerful list.


You can set it up to automatically follow up with emails depending on what our subscriber’s actions are. These might be to send receipts, make new offers, offer upsells and revive interest in dormant subscribers etc.etc.


 It also allows you to manage and monitor your subscribers’ behaviour and location data.


All these reports will help you to decide which campaign you can repeat and which ones should be modified or dropped completely.


You can use AWeber to set-up automatic follow up messages to your subscribers. You can choose which day and time you want to send the email to your customers. AWeber does it all for you. AWeber has hundreds of design templates you can use. They are pretty easy to figure out and easy to use.


Some examples of the templates:


  • Sign Up forms
  • Integrations –connect your email list with your favorite online tools to automate your list growth.
  • Create email Newsletters
  • 700 mobile responsive templates
  • Create and send an email (HTML Templates)
  • Create automated emails Campaigns
  • Tagging – you can mark when you finished your campaigns
  • Autoresponder follow-ups
  • RSS to email
  • Email API – integrate third-party apps with AWeber’s API.
  • Mobile Apps
  • Customer support
  • Subscriber Management – easily collect, track and manage your subscriber list.
  • Email Deliverability Rate
  • Subscriber Segmenting – send targeted email and campaigns
  • Email Tracking – track email performance with analytics like open rates, click-through and more
  • And more – we are constantly adding new features for our customers.



AWeber Price Plan


Beginners get 30 days free trial 




Monthly cost


Unlimited email



Unlimited email



Unlimited email



Unlimited email



Unlimited email



Unlimited email

Get a quote


You can access every feature: Automation, Segmenting, Analytics, Customer Solutions, Sign Up Forms, Integrations, Image Hosting, 6,000+ Stock Photos, 700+ Templates, Edu. Resources.



The Good & the Bad of AWeber


The Good:



  • The support service is not too bad
  • Price is reasonable
  • It is easy to use
  • Wide range of templates available in many different styles.


The Bad:


  • AWeber Autoresponder a bit basic and old-fashioned
  • AWeber is Expensive (compare to GetResponse)
  • AWeber Charges for Duplicate Email Addresses


Who is AWeber For

If you are:


  • an internet marketer,
  • an online business owner
  • a blogger.


This is the tool for you. You can integrate Information regarding “who” the product is targeted at and who will benefit most from the product.


Email marketing means collecting as big a list as possible of potential consumers in a specific niche.


It also means servicing those “clients” with information and support. They only become clients when they buy something.


There will be some who are interested in further products within the same niche. These need responses from time to time and when you have several thousands of them, it gets very unwieldy and time-consuming to sort the lists and send out targeted, relevant emails to them.


This is where autoresponders come into their own and save you a lot of time and hassle.




GetResponse com


Name             : GetResponse
Website         :
Price              : 30 days FREE trial
CEO               : Simon Grabowski
Overall Rank : 90/100

What is GetResponse About?


GetResponse offers tools to help you collect and analyze your mailing lists:


  • Email Marketing,
  • Web Forms,
  • Webinars,
  • Landing Pages,
  • Autoresponders and
  • CRM Market Analysis
  • Enterprise Solutions


GetResponse was started in 1997. Simon Grabowski launched his first autoresponder and set-up his first office in Poland. After 11 years of hard work and development, they then had over 100 employees.


The tools you need are all in one place –


  • Email marketing tools,
  • Landing Pages tools,
  • Webinars tools, and
  • Marketing automation tools



GetResponse Overview


GetResponse is an email marketing platform for small to large online businesses, internet marketers and affiliate marketers to


  • create campaigns,
  • send follow-ups and
  • collect emails from customers.


GetResponse provides great


  • marketing automation,
  • responsive email design,
  • ready to use email templates,
  • landing page creator,
  • forms,
  • webinars and
  • statistical analysis tools.


GetResponse provides great tools, training and support for global internet marketers, affiliate marketers and small and large online businesses owners.


GetResponse gives starter’s the first 30 days’ as a free trial to help build up their experience in using these tools.


GetResponse has all these tools in one place. It is very easy to use without paying more money looking at other different platforms.



How GetResponse Can Help Your Business


If you have an online business you will need to use these tools to help you to build your email lists. A quick response through emails to your customers builds good relationships with your customers. This helps with repeat business and better conversion rates. Your customers will feel looked after.


They have different packages and plans for you to choose from –


For Email beginners, you can get 30 days’ free trial, email marketing for beginners,


Pro package is for lists over 5,000,

Max package is for lists of over 10,000,

Enterprise package is for lists over 100,000.


It depends on your business needs. Each package has differing facilities and has different prices. The tools offered become more complex and detailed as you progress through the packages.



GetResponse Email Marketing


Internet marketers and website owners need to use this tool to collect email listing. They have 350,000 internet marketers, with a strong owner trust, using their tools to control and increase their email list.


It will save you a lot of time compared with doing it manually. You can manage your list and use this tool to connect with your customers all over the world.



GetResponse Landing Pages


You can use their landing page templates or editing tool to design your own feature landing page for your campaign. The landing pages respond on computer, tablet and mobile phone. This is useful since more than half of people are now using their phones to access the internet.


GetResponse Webinar



This is another tool for you to grow your business.  It is an online seminar to present your product, training or service, to hold a conversation with your customers anywhere in the world at the same time. You can directly engage in a large group of people online, hold discussions and share audio in real time. You also can get more deals with this.



GetResponse Marketing Automation


The Marketing automation tool is easy to use. You can set-up your campaign using drag-and-drop to build your workflow, to get your campaign set into your calendar and automate it.



GetResponse Prices



These are based on the number of email subscribers you have.


Beginners get 30 days free trial.



Monthly cost

Monthly cost

Monthly cost






$49.00 – Pro

$165.00 – Max



$49.00 – Pro

$165.00 – Max



$49.00 – Pro

$165.00 – Max



$75.00 – Pro

$165.00 – Max



$165.00 – Pro

$255.00 – Max



$280.00 – Pro

$370.00 – Max



$490.00 – Pro

$580.00 – Max

100,001- Enterprise


More – Get a quote

More – Get a quote


The Good & the Bad of GetResponse


The Good:


  • You will get support service through email, phone, and chat.
  • Price is great. (Cheaper than AWeber)
  • It is easy to use.
  • Modern and Wide range of templates you can use.


The Bad:

The support is not very prompt at sorting problems.



Who is GetResponse For


If you are an internet marketer, an online business owner or blogger or an affiliate marketer, then these are the tools for you. You can integrate Information regarding “who” the audience the product is targeted is and who will benefit from the product.



AWeber vs GetResponse


Comparing AWeber and GetResponse, I would choose to use GetResponse email marketing tools. The first thing is: this tool is easy to use and there is good training to walk you through how to use the GetResponse email marketing tools. I would Keep out a lot of technical strugglers. A lot of designed templates you can use and the design are modern, good-looking images. Images are also so important to email marketing. The other important thing is, of course, the price is affordable.



GetResponse Customer Service


You can get help and technical support via phone, live chat or email 24/7.



AWeber Customer Service


You can contact live support, Toll-free phone (US) and with an international phone number, text chat is available.


The support and services are also very important to the business.



Email Marketing for Beginners


For those who would seriously like to build a business online, there is a really good way to get a grounding in how to create and maintain such a business. It is a program for beginners and experienced marketers.


The program covers all aspects of internet business including email marketing.


There is a free trial with unlimited time and access to some of the basic courses.


You can give it a trial and only join the pro-club when you feel it is right for you.


If you have never built a business or an email marketing campaign, it is a good idea to understand what you are doing.


Give it a try. What have you got to lose?


Top Affiliate Marketing Program



Aweber vs Getresponse Review


  1. Samson

    Hello Viyee
    I have go through your page and i think it was very informative.I am a beginner online marketer,and i have certainly learnt a lot by just reading your page.I didnt understand why i always received emails daily now i understand why? You article was really an eye opener.It made me realise that i can learn what my customer behaviour is and provide them knowledge and support based from the data i have received through one of those 2 platforms.I just came across one sentence at the beginning of your article which i think you need to write correctly,i think you have ommited one word you should have entered.

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Samson.

      I have only just found your comment, so I apologise for the belated reply. 

      Aweber and Getresponse are two of the biggest email marketing tools and a lot of people use them.

      They usually have an unsubscribe facility at the bottom of the emails. You can get yourself off the lists quite easily.

      Thanks again for your comment.   

  2. Mikael

    With all the email tools out there, it is difficult to get an overview of which tool to choose. You have done a great job of comparing aweber and getresponse.

    Pretty cool that Getresponse also includes the possibility to do webinars – I did not know that.

    In the beginning you write the tools can be used to create software and ebooks. Does this mean you can actually create the ebook in the programs, or just use them to send out ebooks to subscribers?


    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Mikael.

      You are right, there are a lot of tools out there and there are a lot of things in common between them.

      You cannot use Getresponse to actually create an ebook. It is excellent for distributing them and promoting them.

      Creating an ebook, again, a lot of excellent software out there and some of it is costly and some is almost free.

      Try Canva as a good starting point. Canva is free to try.

  3. Marta

    Thank you for sharing. I know a bit about GetResponse because one of my friends uses it, but it seems to be a little expensive to me. They want you to pay $20 in taxes. Or maybe it’s this way because I would pay for it from Europe.
    Anyway, I’m looking for a program that allows me to create landing pages. If I choose from Getresponse the plan for beginners (of 15$), which would be not bad, would it allow me to create landing pages?
    Thank you again.

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Hi Marta.

      Yes, the taxes, VAT in the UK. I have noticed this on a lot of USA based sites that they add on the local taxes when the system figures out where you are resident.

      I am not sure of the legal position there since any VAT charged on English goods is returned to the English Inland Revenue, i.e. the UK government.

      Getresponse does allow you to set up simple landing pages for the basic, cheapest membership.

      Hope this helps and good luck with your projects.

  4. Dave

    Hallo there,

    I have been wanting to try out email marketing because I have seen it make people thousands of dollars very frequently.

    Many people have advised to go for AWeber but I felt that get response was more convenient for me. You have also made see AWeber to better.

    I think I will first take advantage of the 30 day’s free trial for both so that I can be sure of what I want.

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Hi Dave

      Thanks for commenting here.

      Do you already have a process to build a mailing list? Perhaps you already have a list to work off.

      Always check the ;attest prices on their website and any current offers.

      I do check from time to time but they obviously do not let me know when they change their prices or introduce new offers.

      Always a good idea to utilise the free offers and make sure you get what you need.


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