Be Happy After Retirement 2021

Be Happy After Retirement 2021


When you are young, the word “Retirement” will seem far away from you. You will not understand what getting old and retiring really means and feels like. Being happy after retirement is not what concerns you now. Retirement seems remote and even something which might never really happen.


Be Happy After Retirement


When my parents retired, they were both physically still very well. At 60 years old, they were both still looking young. They both worked at the same company. Before they left the company, the company held a party for them and wished them “Happy Retirement.”


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The party was very touching, they made a happy retirement cake, a happy retirement letter from the company. There were happy retirement Gifts from the company and colleagues with lots of music in the background. Everyone wished them a happy retirement life.


My parent’s happy retirement wishes were to be healthy, wealthy and to have a peaceful, and happy time.


Drawing on the views of my parents, friend’s parents, neighbours and many other people, is that there are four interrelated important considerations for your retirement:


  • Physical
  • Social
  • Mental
  • Financial


1. Keep Physically Active After Retirement.


All exercise can help to keep you healthy. The most important thing is to persist, keep doing it.


Be Happy After Retirement


It can help to have a group of people who enjoy the same exercise as you do. Join clubs or get a few friends to share an activity. If you develop two to three different sports, that is also very good. This can help different parts of the limb movement, is good for your body. Be healthy after retiring.



Set Them As Routine In Your Daily Retirement Life.


*Note: No matter what kind of exercise, you should be listening to your body and only doing what you can, plus maybe a little more. Otherwise you should have fun and enjoy it.


Be happy after retirement


Physically activity in retirement does not only mean doing exercises. Gardening is quite good and many people enjoy it. My mother in law is one of them.  Remember even walking is excellent exercise.


You can pick a sport or activity that you really like; Cooking, Walking, dancing, jogging, golf, bowling, table tennis, tennis, cycling, yoga, Pilates, body-balance, volunteering, swimming, dancing etc. Travel is actually very good exercise and mentally relaxing.



The Important Thing Is To Do Something Every Day In Your Retirement.


With the changes of age, the exercise that you do, in your retirement, can be modified to suit your own abilities. Some sports have their own graduations and levels, like Pilates and Yoga.  That means you can set your own level in the class and do just what you are able to.



2. Keep Socially Active After Retirement.


Physical exercises, activities or classes are also part of your social life. You can meet people and talk to people in the activities or classes.


be happy after retirement


In your retirement, you can meet friends or family or go to travel or have a day out walking around and enjoy dinner at a restaurant. 


You can meet friends or family go out shopping and eating, drinking coffee and chatting at coffee shops.


Every time you go out to do exercise you can meet new people and make new friends. If you meet someone you can talk to, make jokes, have a laugh and enjoy yourself.


It can be as easy as saying hello to people and people say hello back and smile at you. A smile and a friendly chat with a stranger can make you feel good, and them as well.


Travel, in retirement, can also support a very good social life. You get to know different cultures and to know how other people live. Sharing happiness, foods, music, natural scenery, customs, difficulties and challenges, these can help you to make new friends or even just travel acquaintances.


Traveling may sometimes be very tiring on the body, but mentally stimulating and sharing new experiences can open our eyes to some of the wonders of life. What do you think?



3. Keep Mentally Active After Retirement.


When you retire, at the beginning, you may feel like having a good sleep until you feel refreshed and invigorated. Have a relaxing break first without hurrying yourself. Enjoy everything according to your schedule and mood. After a while you might begin to feel blank, purposeless and a little empty. You start to miss the routines of your working life. This will change as you begin to build your own routines of activity. Being happy after retiring means staying active.


Be happy after retirement


The big difference is now you can choose the activities yourself.  All your knowledge and abilities are, at this moment, have become redundant.


Humans have a common trait; curiosity. Curious people know how to keep learning, curiosity makes people work hard to find new interests and follow up on old ones. Now you have the time.


I hear many people say that, retired people still need to continue to study hard. Let your mind remain active, not slip into dementia. No pursuit is a terrible thing for a person. A terrible thing is to do nothing.


Loneliness is one of today’s mental problems so keeping socially actives is also part of the mental exercise. Doing soduko, crosswords, reading, listening to music, learning something new, solving other people’s problems. Nowadays, people who have just retired are still healthy and have a lot of energy.


Some people wait their whole lives to find the time to do something they really love, to really enjoy life. Retirement is a good time to get started.



4. Keep Financially Alright After Retirement – Modern People Live Longer.


  • Some people have plenty of money for after retirement. Some people get money from their rich parents or family. This can give them a good life, a good education, a good house and anything they need in life. Some people have a very good job or business to give them decent money to enjoy their after retirement. This applies to only 5% of people in the world.


Be happy after retirement


  • Most people just have enough money after retirement, but still need to be very careful how they use it. Do not do any risky investments, because you may not be able to earn any money afterwards. Avoid gambling your retirement money away. Being careful does not mean doing nothing. It means choose carefully what you do.


  • Some people, when they retire, do not have enough money to really enjoy life. They still need to work hard to improve things and get a better life after retirement. Some do not have good health and this can affect their quality of life. There are many different reasons why people struggle with life in retirement.



Things To Do After Retirement To Make Money.


Be happy after retirement


Be happy after retirement, if you have a lot of money, no matter how you spend it, it is still a lot. You could use your money to help other people who need your help, to give them hope, to make them feel that the world is warm or kind-hearted. Like the lit candles in the darkness illuminating their entire world. Helping others can help you by making you feel happy and giving you a purpose in life.


If you have just enough money for your retirement, you also can enjoy doing something you like without worrying about money. I feel this concept may not suit everybody, but is quite suitable for most people. You see, when people reach retirement age, they all have a lot of working experience and knowledge which can be passed on.  This abundance of knowledge can help other people in this life. Sometimes, a little leg-up can mean the world to someone who needs it and can be just a small effort on our part.


We now live in high technology century. In our youth, schools did not teach us anything about high-tech computers, Facebook or the internet. A mouse was a squeaky vermin that scared people out of their wits and ate only cheese. Each of us should learn, little by little, unconsciously. I have also discovered that quite a lot of people enjoy learning and intend doing it for the rest of their lives. Have fun every day after retirement. Make some plans and do them.



Blogging (Website) Is A Way To Make Money After Retirement, And To Have Fun.


Blogging can be an excellent way to be productive and be happy in your retirement. I feel blogging (website) is a good skill for people to learn after retirement. It is also a long term learning plan in which you can also make money, while you are learning. And it is fun. Chatting to people and helping them sort out their problems, you can use all your experience and knowledge and also make money after retirement.


Be happy after retirement


Everyone can do this, no matter what industry you were involved in before. You can share your knowledge to help someone who needs your support in your industry. Helping others makes us happy. There is almost always some aspect of previous experience that can be passed on after retirement and utilised by a younger generation. What have you got experience in?



 Where Is The Best Platform To Learn How To Create A Blog (Website) And Make Legit Money?


With my many years of online experience, I believe that Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 recommendation. They provide easy to use tools and courses to walk you through all the technical aspects of blogging until they become second nature to you.


Be happy after retirement


If you would like to earn a little money having fun blogging, then they teach you how to do that.


If you are a bit more ambitious you can “go pro” and there is no limit to what you can earn.


They give new members, who join, 7 days of one on one coaching and free courses to help get you started.


I will stress that it is genuinely FREE, no credit card or bank information needed. You really can “try before you buy.”


To really get stuck in and make a part-time or full-time career of it, in your retirement, you can invest in the more advanced courses and enjoy, in my opinion, the best support in any community on the net.


Ba happy after retirement


If you are still not sure you can do it you can take the first month offer of $19/month, equivalent to 30 days each day will be $0.633 per day, about the price of one cup of coffee, this not a risky investment.


If you pay by monthly from second month start $49/month, each day about $1.633 per day. If you pay by yearly $495/year, each day will cost you $1.356 per day.


*Every black Friday Wealthy Affiliate offer to all the WA members and black Friday new members $299/- per year, each day will only cost you $0.83/-. This is not a risky or expensive investment.  The benefits you get right now are not comparable to any other company. *


Black Friday offer $299/- Per Year, Each Day $0.83/- You Get the List of Benefits  – At the Same Platform:


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If you buy your own domain website you do need to pay by yourself, about $13.99/year.


There are no upsells and nothing more to buy except some software you may find helpful as your business really grows.


Once you have created your blog (website) and follow the lessons, listen to the video, ask for help within the community: you need never get stuck. Actually this is fun for all ages and backgrounds and also offers after retirement people an advantage because of the abundance of knowledge and life experience you have. You organise your own time and work at home after retirement.


Be Happy After Retirement.


As you can see, even if you do not have any idea or products, you can market on your blog (website), the Affiliate Bootcamp Training can walk you through how to build your Personal Affiliate Blog(website) and building a money making blog (website). Be happy after retirement.


Hope this can help you, if you need more information please just send me your question I will be very happy to help you out. Thank you for reading.


A little post-script: This is for beginners and experienced people. It is for those who crave a little fun and like to meet new people online.


If you enjoy learning, there is plenty to do and absorb.


WARNING: This is not a scam get rich quick scheme. Probably almost all you need to know to establish yourself on the internet as a pro-blogger or create a business, you will find in these courses. The rest of it you will get help from the WA online community.


If you have any question please leave your comment below. I will be very happy to help you out. 







  1. Greg Cook

    I totally agree with everything you say here. You need to keep an active mind in retirement and what better way than learning how to build a website, write about something you love, generate traffic and make an income online along the way. It sure beats doing crossword puzzles. I’m in my fifties and this is exactly my plan. By retirement to have replaced my full-time income. Wealthy Affiliate is the best there is and the help you get is fantastic. Thanks for a great post, very informative.

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      You are welcome Greg. I am glad you are finding it productive.

      There is so much to learn and most of it is useful in many aspects of life today. The information systems are moving over to the internet. Officialdom is moving and business is flying over to the internet.

      I feel like Affiliate Marketing is like the steam engine in the industrial revolution: a key major influence. We are here in the middle of a revolution and at the forefront of its development.

      Exciting times.

  2. Mike

    Great post ! I hope to have an enjoyable retirement some day ! Having a way to earn money while being retired in a part time way would be completely awesome !
    First I have to make it to retirement!
    Your suggestions will definately be very helpful!
    I love the idea of making money online and think that would be the way to go!

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Mike.

      We are certainly entering a time of change away from high street stores and into internet marketing and information.

      I feel it is the right time to get into an internet business because the growth is enormous and not likely to slow down for a while.

      Establishing an internet business now could well be a long term investment that keeps paying back for years.

      Good luck with your own future business.

  3. David

    My dad will be coming to retirement later this year, he would prefer to continue working as he needs the extra cash, I am trying to help him look at some online opportunities but he is not an expert with computers, the first month of just $19 is very low, if he decided to join, what are the longer term costs? Also how good at computers do you need to be? Many thanks in advance if you can answer this

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks David.

      If he joins up as a Premium member in the first 7 days of free membership, the first month is $19, then it is $47 per month after that.

      If he pays an annual fee, there is a saving; $539 for the year.

      However. If your Dad is not 100% comfortable with computers and buying and selling on the internet, get him to join as a free member and take his time getting used to it.

      The courses are video based and he can watch and repeat as many times as he likes. They really do start at the beginning because everyone comes from a different background with different experience and skills.

      the skills they teach are laid out step by step and one thing at a time.

      This will give your dad some time to get used to the language and methods in internet business.

      If he decides he really would like to give it a go and build a business online, then join up as a premium member.

      There are [plenty of people in Wealthy affiliate who started out unfamiliar with computers and internet business. It just takes them a little longer.

      Basic skills to start are: able to get online / click on buttons / use a browser and run videos which are the training courses.

      Sign up through my website and I will coach and support him.

      Hope this helps. Let me know if there are any specifics you would like to know.

  4. DrDoug

    I agree with you that a person has to stay physically, socially and mentally active after retirement. I would say that even part time employment doing affiliate marketing is a top job for senior citizens. And I believe that Wealthy Affiliate is a good place for retirees to learn internet business because of the support there.

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks for the comment.

      There is also the question of pace. It is possible to go at your own pace. You can work when you have the time and when it suits you.

      Some people are early birds and some are night owls and this business suits both.

      Maybe also retired people will have some self-discipline to help them set a timetable for working.

      I agree, it is an ideal job for retirees.

  5. Jordan

    Hey, this is great, thanks for sharing this!

    I sell Medicare supplements and retirement financial plans (like Life insurance policies with high interest living benefits, and annuities), and I have been really shocked by how many people are completely unprepared for retirement financially. Many people are finding it impossible to retire at all!

    I’ve also seen the other end of things. People who retire but then don’t use their time well, becoming more and more lethargic and tired.

    Your advice for BOTH of these problems is great!

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Jordan. Perhaps when we are young, we are happy getting on with life and a time after retirement is far from our thoughts. Things have become more difficult after retirement these days since pension funds are not able to pay out as well as they could before. Certainly, there are a lot of people in 2018 who struggle after retirement. 

      Remaining active and having a good social life after retirement is essential these days and some times an online business can be a possibility. It can certainly keep you busy and introduce you to a lot of other people. It can also produce an income if done correctly. 

      There are a lot of people in retirement on Wealthy Affiliate although there are many other activities retired people can involve themselves in. 

      Retired people often have the time and background experience to devote to this business.  


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