Feeling Good is Easy

Feeling Good is Easy



Feeling Good is Easy


I lay still gazing up at the darkest sky, speckled with long dead stars; the sky, that is, not me.

I felt small and insignificant, curious and quite drunk.

After spouting nonsense like “I want to be me,” an epiphany came to me. I did not know who I was, I mean, of course I knew what name people used for me, my passport name and where I lived; what I did not know was who I really was, what I really wanted. In fact, everything that was happening to me was out of my control. Fast forward 20 years and I had begun to find out how to find out, strange that it took so long?

Who, in this life, knows who they really are or what they really want. Most people do not know; do you?


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Does It Matter?


The strange thing is this; more than 98% of people do not know what they want in life, they believe in destiny and luck.





Destiny Destroys


We are brought up to believe our lives are out of our control. A combination, of our upbringing and luck, makes us who we are. Certainly, our education has an enormous influence on whether we are rich or poor, a success or failure; we should not challenge our destiny. This makes our lives more difficult and challenging than it needs to be.


Become Lucky


Richard Wiseman showed how our luck could be improved. He showed that “lucky” people behaved and felt differently from unlucky ones.


Improve Your Luck. Improve Your Destiny


Luck and destiny can be improved by changing what you do and how you feel. Many years ago I was doing charity work in a small town in Denmark. We were a bunch Amateur Dramatists putting on shows for children, the elderly and town festivals.

They asked me to join, even though my Danish was fair to middling, because I had a skill they needed. As a result of joining them I was able to take some crash courses in “Method Acting,” very cheaply. They changed my way of life and way of thinking about my self.



The Secret of Method Acting


Most people think “acting” means not being genuine = cheating = lying

With method acting, it is the opposite of lying. If you want the audience to believe your character is “in love”, for example, you have to feel “in love.” You must find that experience you once had, of being in love then amplify it.

The audience will feel your credibility and self-belief of being “in love.” Read Stanislavsky if you want to learn more about Method Acting. (Great Method Actors are Tom Cruise and Robin Williams.)


Feeling Lucky


If you feel lucky and believe in it, your luck will improve. You will notice opportunities that. Previously, you had missed. You will be more prepared to accept chances that are offered to you.

Do you realise how lucky you are to be reading this? It is free information that has taken me years to find and learn. When I was searching there was no internet or Google or social media. It was a hard slog to the library, attending courses and asking people for advice.


Do You Feel Lucky?


If you feel lucky, feel sexy or feel confident then that is how other people will experience you.

You will:

  • Find good things happening,
  • People smiling at you,
  • People wanting to be helpful,
  • People wanting to please you
  • and encourage you.

Does that feel good? Other people will want a share of your luck and success to rub off on them, they will want to associate with you and be your friend.




Friends or Enemies


You may well find that, in your new confident state, some of your old friends become jealous or even attempt to sabotage you. People generally do not like change and you have changed, for the better. Those saboteurs are not your friends

Fortunately, others will become attracted to you and your new success and seek out your friendship.


Get More Out of Life


Should we accept our destiny? I believe we should challenge it and stretch it towards more of what we really want.

  • Should we accept our luck? No, we can all be luckier than we are now.
  • Can we be sexier? Wow! Yes! Regardless of what you look like or how old you are, you can feel sexier and that will be sensed by those around us.
  • 98% of people do not know what they really want in life. You can be among the 2% who do know. Remember, many people are happy to not know and let “destiny” sweep them along in its powerful current.
  • How to start? Start with a simple exercise: look at what you want to be doing and where you want to be in 5 years’ time. All successful people have plans; short, medium and long term. You have a right to a plan.


That Skill


By the way, the skill the actors wanted from me was playing the guitar and singing. I had used the luck principle of looking for opportunities and asked them if they should ever need a musician, please call me; and they did, some months later.


Who Are You?


You are a unique and fantastic individual with skills you have yet to discover.

The person, who needs to believe in you the most, is you.

Believe you are a

  • warm,
  • sensual,
  • happy and
  • successful,

 person and that is what you will become. People around you will treat you that way.

To do anything at all, you must first think of it. The thought comes before the action.

You choose the thought and so you choose the action that follows.


People Notice the New You


When other people notice how sexy you are, then it reinforces how you feel and a smile creeps around your heart and you know a secret of life: You did it, no-one else, just you. You made it happen.


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Feeling Good is Easy

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