Create Your Own Website Free

Create Your Own Website Free


Create Your Own Website Free


Create your own website free in just under 30 seconds. Sign up for the Wealthy Affiliate free membership and login to your account. You can have 10 free lessons (Phase 1) to walk you through how to build your website or blog, for free.

Before you start to create your website, the lessons will teach you how to choose your niche/web domain name. The right domain name can help you rank highly in the search engines. Get ready to start creating your website now.


Free Website Builder


So, let’s get started. You can click on the user-friendly SiteRubix free website builder, within the wealthy affiliate platform, to build a free website or blog of your own. You can set up the domain name, you have already chosen, as a website.

The next step is for you to choose one of the thousands of free WordPress website templates that you like the most. Within 30 seconds you will have created your very first website, without knowing any HTML or CSS.

The professionally designed templates are ready for you to get started building your website from scratch.


Create Your Own Website Free


The Advantage of Using the SiteRubix Website Builder


You can easily use the user-friendly SiteRubix website builder to create your own website for free. Plus you also have the free wealthy affiliate professional online business training courses.

These will teach you the basic concepts about online business. This will help you to understand everything you really need to do. It is not the kind of the useless information you may get from other websites, telling you that you can make money quickly, overnight.

If you believe that, it can be very dangerous for you. Many of those websites promise to show how you can make big money quickly online. They ask you to sign up and pay the fees first.

Many are a scam so please be careful. If you want to succeed with your online business you need to do a lot of hard work.



What is Wealthy Affiliates?


Let me to introduction Wealthy Affiliates to you, to help you to understand better what they are doing and how it would benefit you to join. Wealthy Affiliates is the number #1 professional training platform for someone who wants to build their online business, step by step.

You can be an absolute beginner or an expert; they will teach anyone of any level of knowledge how to succeed in your online business. They also have the worlds #1 largest community of over 800,000 internet entrepreneurs.

You can benefit from the community professional help and guidance from people who are already successful in online business. They will help and guide you and answer any questions you may ask.



Create Your Own Website Free


Do You Know Exactly How an Online Business Works?


Let me share, with you, some of the lessons from Wealthy Affiliates that you can study.

  • Sign up to become a free member
  • Get the 10 free lessons (Phase 1)
  • You will learn how to choose your own niche/domain name for your website
  • What a Keyword is
  • How to use the WA keyword tool free
  • Get your 2 free websites
  • Free WebsiteSSL (https)
  • Use the Wealthy Affiliate Platform SiteRubix web builder to set up your website and use your niches/domain name to create your scalable and friendly website, within 30 seconds.
  • What is web hosting?
  • WA hosts the websites for free when you are a premium member.
  • 24/7 Web protection and spam free.
  • Set up your plugin.
  • Writing your pages and posts.
  • Setting up your comments section.
  • Writing more content on your website.


Above all, this is only a basic concept of online business to help you to get started. If you are thinking seriously about this as a long term project and you want to get your business working and successful, you need to upgrade to the premium membership.

You will get more knowledge which you need to know. Without this knowledge you will struggle to succeed in online business.

WA is the one stop station for online business training. It is a platform for you to learn everything you need for success in your online business.


Create Your Own Website Free


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Create Your Own Website Free

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