High Gain Low Risk Business

High Gain Low Risk Business



High Gain Low Risk Business


This information is as correct as we can make it. The interest rates quoted are as at 30/11/16 in the UK.


We are not advising anything and any investments you make are your decision. We are offering a range of possibilities for you to consider. The information is general and you should do your own research for the actual rates and conditions at the time you are intending to take action.

There are 3 aspects to getting the best interest rates on your savings.



Think Carefully About:


  • How much you want to invest in savings.
  • How long you can do without the money.
  • What level of risk are you prepared to take?


1.How Much Should You Invest in Savings. You will need to do some budgeting and see what your income will be over the next 5 years and what your excess savings or capital is. It is generally good advice to spread your savings over a variety of investments. Allow a portion of your capital to be invested in short term savings, some in long term and some in medium term savings. This is because although you can assess your situation now, you do not know for certain what demands will be placed on you in the near future. You may need some emergency cash.


2.Can you do without your money for 5 years? 10 years? If you are looking at 2 years, then you should avoid long term investments. A long term investment would probably be around 10 years or more.


(These are links for current information. We have no connection with these companies and do not make any recommendations to the good or bad.)


3.Risk is an emotional word and many people will say that they never take risks. The reality is that everything we do in life has risk attached. The question is: how much risk.

Crossing the road is a risk. Getting tired is a risk. Going to work is a risk. It is all a matter of degree. Some people will regard some things, like sport, a big risk and others might say that sport keeps you fit and reduces the risk of disease and health insurance cost.

Risk is also subjective.

Risk is unavoidable and how much risk depends on how you feel about it.

Investments and savings carry risks, usually quite small ones.

If you want a higher level of interest on your investments then you may have to accept a higher level of risk.


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What Kind of Person Are You?


To make the most of your investments, you should look at what kind of “risk” person you are.

What kind of work are you happiest with? What kind of activities do you enjoy?

Before you invest or commit yourself, you could get a piece of paper and write down the pros and Cons of a particular investment. Make 2 columns and be honest with yourself.

Ensure you have as much information as possible. I often check out business ideas buy putting the name of the business into Google and adding the word “Scam.” Then I read anything that comes up.

When you have made your list up, close your eyes and imagine you have made the investment then consider how you feel about it. If you feel nervous or anxious then remember to avoid that investment.



Get Your Money Working for You


Money has to work in order to earn some more interest or return.

Generally the risk rises with the level of return. Here are some examples for the general risk levels:

  1. Low Risk – Low interest – Bank Savings, Post Office Saving, Building Society Savings.
  2. Slightly higher risk: long term commitment saving. Money is stuck in the account for several years; the longer the period the higher the interest. The risk is usually in the problem of needing the money before the end of the term.
  3. Medium risk: Private mortgage lending, crowd funding. Some Stock Market investing. Property investments.
  4. High Risk: Stocks and Shares, Forex Trading, Gambling, Spread Betting. Buying and selling Goods and services.

There are exceptions to these and there are sometimes ways to reduce the risk levels.

These days Banks etc. pay around 1 % interest on savings and actually sometimes charge you for having current accounts. This is extremely low risk, though, since savings are guaranteed, to a certain level, by the government (in the UK.)

The other end of the scale is investing in business and various forms of stock market and currency trading. These are often expensive to get into and are very high risk. The rewards can be very good though.


High Risk or Not?


How can we find a high interest, low risk opportunity? These are very rare. Unfortunately the internet is saturated with “Get Rich Quick” schemes and projects. Most of these make a lot of money for the people selling them and rarely much more than a small return for investors.

Some businesses come with a level of support and back up, like franchises. These can require a large investment but do allow a new business person to be guided and supported to success. Not all franchises are good and some cost a large fortune to buy into.

Look at MacDonald’s and The Body Shop chains, both successful franchises.


Start Small and Grow Large


There are a few opportunities around which are very pertinent to modern life. The internet provides us with massive opportunities because a single person, sitting at a computer, with no stock and no staff to pay can start a small business and grow it into something very large.

The world is our market. The internet is our shop.


Start Your Online Business


What is the Minimum Needed?


As with any business, the risk is in the start-up capital and time needed to create the business.

Once the business is up and rolling, your biggest risk is success. Success can be a challenge in its own right. Some people find that it is stressful to have a successful, actively generating business.

There are solutions to that problem as well.


Low Risk, High Chance of Success, Low Investment.


Here, I will recommend something to you. It is a way of making a living that has little risk attached but has unlimited potential. It is NOT a get rich quick scheme.

First, determine what you really want and how much risk you would take.

Then ask yourself if you are willing to start with NO RISK and a lot of hard work.

Then decide what you will do when you are successful.

Then click here for the answers to your questions and solutions to the above questions.



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High Gain Low Risk Business

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