Get Active Without Jogging

Get Active Without Jogging



Get Active Without Jogging


To Get You Going = “to cause you to become excited or active”

It is quite possible to become a little more active without joining a gym or jogging.


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Remember, if you have a medical condition which affects your health, consult a doctor before doing any exercise.


A Little at a Time


Improving your general fitness will have a compounding effect.


What is a Compounding Effect?


By getting a little fitter, you will feel more confident and more motivated to do a little bit more.

Your muscles will feel a little stronger and your lungs will breathe a bit more efficiently.

More blood flows to your organs and your brain. You think a little clearer and move a little smoother.

You will feel more like walking a little further or going up and down stairs more often.

This gets you a little more fit.

This will make you feel happier about doing more activities and the cycle goes on, round and round, up and up.


Solve Problems Easier


It is well researched that we think better and solve problems better just after exercise.


Some Ideas to Help You on Your Way


  1. Take the stairs as often as possible. If you have a choice, in a shop, take the stairs instead of the lift or escalator. If you join a Gym, you may well have to pay for “Step” classes. You can get the same for free on the stairs.


2. Drink plenty of water. Especially in the morning. Blood thickens overnight, so drinking water helps to thin the blood down and get it moving round the body. This improves oxygen flow to muscles and the brain.


3. Park as far from the front door or shop as possible. Those few extra steps mount up over time.


4. Clean your home regularly. It is remarkable how much energy you use cleaning a house. Do it twice a week, get twice the exercise.


5. Do regular gardening and house maintenance. Weed the garden and cut the grass. Trim the bushes and pick up fallen fruit. All necessary items and can stack up that exercise collection.


6. Carry a basket instead of pushing a trolley in the supermarket. I am not saying break your back. I am suggesting that 2 or 3 items in a basket will give you some much needed movement and a little weight lifting.


7. Walk the kids to school. It gets the kids exercising as well.


8. Walk the dog a little further each day, (most dogs love it and they need to get active as well.) A satisfied, tired pooch does not misbehave or demand extra food.


9. Get a timer and limit TV to 3 hours a day. We all sit, passively, watching TV for far too long. Become proactive and talk to your family. Develop a hobby. Invite some friends round. Start an activity club and meet once a week and share ideas.


10. Use the same timer to limit sitting down, maximum 100 minutes then get up and move around for 5 to 10 minutes. It will improve your concentration and make you more efficient.


11. It is very easy to sit and let your muscles tense up. They need stretching and moving.


12. Use public transport if you can. We walk and move more getting on and off public transport than travelling by car.


13. Get a bicycle and use it at least once a week. Swimming and cycling are 2 of the most all-round activities and use a lot of different body parts and muscles.


14. Take up a sport which you need to learn over a period of time, e.g. Tai Chi / Yoga / Karate. Having to think and learn exercises the brain as well as the muscles and these sorts of activity actually massage inner organs as well as stretching muscles and strengthening joints.


15. Set up an exercise club with like-minded friends. Helps to improve your motivation and, of course, means you can have some fun coming up with new activity ideas.


16. Go Dancing. Dancing is good exercise, fun and friendly. Moving your body to a rhythm actually means you do not notice the amount of movement you are making.


17. Clean the inside and outside of the car once a week. Clean car, clean house, healthy family and useful exercise.


18. Plan the week to include 15 minute blocks of exercise daily. Planning some of your life can create time gaps to do the things you need to do and those you want to do. Take charge of your life by the simple act of planning it.


19. Vary exercise if you easily get bored, stick to a regime if you prefer structure and good habits. People are different and one way to achieve things does not always suit another. Just be careful to avoid procrastinating for no good reason. Try any new ideas for a week, then review the results and how you feel. Adapt the plan for the next week and maybe add 2 or 3 minutes on to your exercise.


20. Sleep well and get enough. Learn a little meditation to make sure you get a good night’s sleep. Sleep is essential for healing both body and the mind. A regular good night’s sleep will help you to function better and probably make you look younger.


What Does Blood Flow Do?


When blood flows to a part of the body, marvellous things happen. Healing of muscles and bones, nerves are stimulated and lymph flows. Growth occurs best in the body with nutrient filled blood flowing.

Sitting or lying down slows the flow and can even block it completely. Activity gets the heart pumping and blood flowing round the body.


Simple Activities


These activities, suggested above, are meant to inspire you to dream up ways to get some extra activity into your life and help you to feel better. You do have to do them all. Cherry-pick what suits you and please get medical advice before starting any new advice, if you need to. Few of them cost money, most are absolutely free and many can be incorporated into your present lifestyle.


Feeling Good


Feeling good is easy when you get moving. Our bodies were meant to move and keep active.

Take your time and build things up slowly because the benefits will last a lot longer if you do. Take it steadily forward and have fun and you will feel more motivated.

Tell your friends and family what you are doing and feel proud when you do it. You have made that decision to do something positive about your health. Go For It. you have a right to feel Good.


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Get Active Without Jogging

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