How Faster Can You Learn?

How Faster Can You Learn?


How Faster Can You Learn?


Learn Faster and Easier


It is incredible how few people understand how they learn. We all learn differently.



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How Do We Do It?


There are many different opinions about how we learn and there are hundreds of technical papers on the Neuroscience of how we do it.


I am Not Going to bore you with lots of those.



Can You Learn Faster?


With an understanding of HOW you do it, you may well find it easier to take in new learning and new ideas.


As with all things, there are a few “rules of thumb” you can understand quite quickly. A brain operation is not required.



No Good at Learning?


We have all been told at times that we are stupid or too slow, usually by teachers and other adults who should know better. I was under the impression I was Mr. Average until I hit 25 years old. I believed I would never excel in anything academic.


I took an “A” level in a foreign country and then a degree. My results dumbfounded me. Am not particularly clever but I found a few techniques and worked very, very hard to achieve 100%. I will explain how in a minute.



My Brain is Uselesshow Faster can you learn


It was generally believed, until recently, that our brains were fixed when we were born and decayed a little every year as we got older. It was believed that brains could not grow new cells and so if we were “dumb,” we would remain “dumb.”





In the middle ages, people believed the world was flat. Now we laugh at that.


Our brains are more “plastic” than we thought. We can improve the way we think and learn how to learn in a better way.


There is proof and evidence in books and papers. I will not give you links because there are too many.


If you want to read up on it, look up “Neuroplasticity,” “The Brain that Heals itself.”


The evidence and science is about 20 years old so expect some resistance if you repeat this to many people.



How Does This Help Me?


Well, first of all, you are not stuck with a closed circuit of neurons in a brain that cannot learn. We often compare the brain to a computer. That is not helpful because a computer has fixed circuits, whereas our brains can rebuild circuits.



Use What You Have and Improve It


There are styles of learning and we struggle to learn in a style which we find uncomfortable. Find your correct style and you will find learning much easier.


There is a simple test to help you identify your leaning style.

There are many ways to analyse these styles and this a good starting point.


Some of us picture things we want to remember, some hear sounds or words and some link memories to other senses.


The strongest memories we have are linked to emotions. We remember the emotions and then a situation triggers that memory.


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Try This Trick


Think of something you want to remember, preferable 5 things. Imagine the things you want to remember in front of.


Paint them in bright colours and enlarge them. Hear your favourite music in the background as you itemise them in your mind. Realise that you are standing on cool grass and it a warm day as you make the objects brighter and larger.


There is a gentle breeze blowing and you feel comfortable and happy as you note each of the five items.

The breeze brings your favourite smell or scent. It may be your favourite food or drink as you see your 5 items swaying gently in the breeze as the music gets louder and suddenly a bird flies over and lands on each item. The bird is white and graceful and turns its head to you and smiles and says “Remember?”


Give the bird a name. Perhaps “FlyByNight.”


Now forget the items and set your alarm clock for 1 or 2 hours in the future.


When the alarm rings, say the birds name and remember the items.


Our minds can be trained to remember by using the senses we respond to most.


If you still fail to remember, try imagining that the bird has a million $ in its’s beak, to help you remember.



The Power of Curiosity


Our brains are naturally curious and take in vast amounts of information all the time; too much, in fact. The brain filters off a lot of what we do not need and continues to be curious.


The brain looks for patterns in life, so we learn by repeating things until they become patterns.






I might disappoint you here, or you might say “Wow!” “Is that all it took?”


My secret to getting 100%, in my “A” level and degree, was this: I was so nervous of failing that I studied night and day for 3 months. I sank myself down in what I was learning, repeating and repeating. I wrote down what I found difficult in so many ways that I understood it inside out.


I aimed for beyond perfection. I was so scared of failing.


It took me 3 months to learn everything I needed for that “A” level and 1 year to get the degree. Remember I had always been “Mr. Average.”


I was strongly motivated.


I aimed higher than was needed.


I worked and worked and repeated and repeated.



How Far Can You Learn?


That is only limited by your belief, your ambition and how hard you are prepared to work.



What Am I Doing Now?


I am building an online business. It is difficult for me. My generation did not grow up with PCs, laptops, tablets and internet.


It is slowly coming together and if you would like to join me, here is the link. In the meantime, remember “FlyByNight.”





Learning can be fun, especially if you are around like-minded people all striving for a new future; people who can and will support you if you need it.


Find your learning style.


Work Hard


Learn and




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How Faster Can You Learn?

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