Find Keywords for a Website 2021

Find Keywords for a Website

Find Keywords for a Website 2021


What is “Keywords” About


Let us look at the importance of keywords. To find keywords for a website is complicated. Keywords are the words and phrases that people enter into the Google, Bing Yahoo, and other search engines when they are looking for information or items to buy. It is important for New Website (blog) owners, internet marketers, SEO professionals and affiliate marketers. If you know and understand which keywords people are using to search, you can get them to your website and make money from that. We call it getting “traffic” to your website.


Find Keywords for a Website


You Need to Know Why Keywords are Important for Doing Any Business Online


Here you need to know why keywords are very important for doing any business online. Find the right keywords and it can help you to drive FREE traffic to your website. That is why all the website business owners, affiliate marketers, internet marketers, SEO professionals are all looking hard for good keywords for SEO and campaigns.



A Good Keyword or Phrase


An ideal Keyword is one that lots of people are searching for and there are very few people answering. (Competition is low and demand is high.) With millions of business websites vying for business, finding those “low hanging fruit” is difficult and time consuming. Jaaxy will do it for you with a little help from yourself.



Jaaxy Keyword tool


What is Jaaxy about? The Jaaxy keyword tool is an awesome tool for new website (blog) owners, SEO professionals, online business owners, internet marketers, affiliate marketers etc. You can use the Jaaxy keyword tool to search for keywords for your niches (Brands), low hanging keywords (little competition), and domain insights can be found in just seconds. It is quick and easy to find your niche keywords and will save you a lot of time. It is a powerful keyword tool which offers you a wide range of very important information about keywords, niches, site Ranking, domains, tracking your website rankings or campaigns.



Sign up & Get 30 searches


The biggest advantage of the Jaaxy keyword tool is that they offer 30 searches FREE for you to get to know this powerful tool. You cannot find any other keyword tool which offers these multiple functions in one platform. It is easy and convenient for all online business owners, Website (blog) owners, internet marketers, affiliate marketers. This is designed just for you. You will love it. Get 30 FREE searches now.


Find Keywords for a Website


Search Niches


You can use the Jaaxy keyword tool to find a bunch of niches online with little competition. Use the Jaaxy keyword tool to search for your SEO keywords list in just seconds. You can discover tons of niches which have high searches and low or no competition. You can use the deep search “alphabet soup” platform quickly to build up your SEO keywords list. You also can read how to find a good niche which helps you to better understand the niche. Or you also can check out the Wealthy Affiliate University Free Bootcamp course.

Examples of keywords below:


Find keywords for a Website


Analyse Your SEO Keywords List


When people do searches using search engines, they rarely go beyond page 1.


You need them to find your website there, on page 1.


You also need to know how your competitors are doing and why.


You can analyse which keyword you should use to get the very best SEO, and to know what your competing websites are doing. You can find out why your competitor websites are ranking where they are.  You can get all this insightful information from the Jaaxy keyword tool. If you want to use top quality Keywords and exciting niches then get your websites listed on page one of Google, Bing, Yahoo etc., then this is the tool you need. 



Jaaxy – SiteRank


The Jaaxy keyword tool – SiteRank function can help you to search your website rankings in the Google, Yahoo and Bing the rankings position. If you do not have this tool it is very difficult to know where your website is ranking. This can also be set up to regularly test your search engine ranking. You can set the auto tracking frequency to daily, twice a week, weekly, Bi-weekly or monthly. Your website ranking, ups and downs, will show up. See below.


Find Keywords for a Website


Jaaxy – Domains


Another good thing about the Jaaxy keyword tool is that you also can search for your high quality domains available in .com, .org and .net. you can easily and quickly to find really good, valuable domain which are available now. Jaaxy also makes suggestions similar and close to what you are searching for. Jaaxy goes over and beyond what you are looking for to give a really thorough amount of information which can be useful to you. It is also fast.

What is a Keyword on a Website


You use your SEO keywords and phrases in your website articles so that when people use a search engine to look for your SEO keywords they will find you, that is, your website. Your website will rank higher on the search engine first page, hopefully it will be the first article. This first page, first article will get people to click to go to your website. This keyword is the best way to get visitors to your website. That is a priority for all internet marketers, affiliate marketer online business owners and SEO professional.



How Do You Do Keyword Research?


Use jaaxy keyword tool can help you to save tons of time. Use your time to write your articles, get the best SEO and get more traffic to your website. More traffic means you will get more revenue.


  • Use topics relevant to your business to search for keyword ideas and find best high search and low competitions seo keywords.
  • Use Alphabet soup to find your seo keywords list.
  • You can save your list within Jaaxy.
  • Jaaxy also auto saves your search history. You can always go back to look for previous searches.
  • Jaaxy can help your to search for your keywords in the Google search engine and the tool can help you to analyse competition websites, rankings, meta Descriptions, Meta Keywords, word counts, links on site, back links, alexa Rank, Adsense etc. etc.
  • Affiliate programs
  • Brainstorm- Show you the latest Google Trends, Alexa Topics, Amazon Best Sellers, Twitter trends…


To do this research yourself would be possible but would take weeks and you would be limited to your own ideas without professional suggestions and tips. Jaaxy does it all in seconds.


To find keywords for a website use the Jaaxy keywords tool.





Find Keywords for a Website


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