To Learn How to Start Your Own Online Business 2018

To Learn How to Start Your Own Online Business


To Learn How to Start Your Own Online Business 2018


To Learn How to Start


After Birthyougetthemoney-com-born


After birth – When we are born, we begin our life’s journey. From a baby we start to learn to cry and laugh. If we are hungry, we cry, when we are sick we cry, when scared, we cry and if we are uncomfortable we cry. If no one pays attention to the crying, we feel strange, hurt and cross. We learn to laugh when we are happy. We learn to feel, feel love and sense anger in our mother, father, relatives and friends. We learn to understand, learn to speak, learn to respond and learn to walk. We all grow up learning. We learn from mistakes and grow up receiving corrections.


Start Going to Kindergarten



Start going to kindergarten – When we start to study in kindergarten, we begin to learn to get along with other children, to share toys, to play games, to learn simple words and meanings. In learning, we learn to be honest, learn to share, learn self-confidence, learn to appreciate, learn to help others, learn to be strong, learn patience acquire knowledge. We learn Teamwork and how working as part of a team, we are stronger and can achieve more. Everyone’s ability to learn and to absorb is different. Right from the beginning we are laying the foundations of how to learn and understand the world around us.


Primary School Learningyougetthemoney-com-welcome-to-school


Primary school learning – Before the serious school learning, there is preparatory work to be done. We learn when to go to bed, when to get up, go to the toilet, brush our teeth, wash our face, to like going to school. Learning these skills becomes part of everyday life. We learn to respect teachers, care for class’ mates. Learn to read, practice writing and drawing, learn to ask, learn to participate, teamwork, homework, play sports, music and so on.


In Secondary School



In secondary school – We have become a little stronger, apart from learning, intelligence and sports abilities are beginning to develop. We learn to think, learn how to complete homework independently, Learning Teamwork and begin to learn how to effectively arrange our time. Perhaps we start to have hobbies, like sport, like music or like a particular subject. Perhaps even to do a subject very well and be proud to be able to do it so well.


Start Your Online Business


In High School


In High school – In academia, we need a deeper and more extensive level of learning, and a lot of homework needs to be done. The pressure of learning begins to increase. We have also learned to challenge the difficulties and gain an ability to resist the increased stress. We also learn to face failure, learn to face the loss of loved ones, learn to face the loss of friends and learn to face a lot of the difficulties life throws at us. We learn to work in teams, learn to organize work, to make friends who have common interests, and so on. Youth is a good time in our lives with few difficulties and a lot of support, Enjoy it! We all experience happiness and sadness while we are growing up.


College or University


College or University – We learn to understand what our abilities are. We begin to learn to choose our own higher learning journey. Regardless of whether we are at college or university, most people go from studying to work for a living. We continue to learn, though now mostly social skills. In these important years, we learn to study independently. We become independent adults. We also meet a lot of like-minded students, distinguished teachers and people who can guide or advise us. All this is preparing us for work after graduation.



Workplace – When you have completed all the academic programs at your school, you will soon go to work. When you are looking for a job, you have to learn how to find a job. It is also a very profound and extensive learning. It is a marketing course. Two people who have the same high qualifications, may find they both get different levels of jobs. It must also be said that knowledge, luck plus character can vary from person to person. There is also competition at work once you have a job. If you do not continue learning to improve yourself, one day you will be left behind in the employment race.


Life-Long Learning


Life-long learning – There is always development and progress in Technology, social progress, changes in work structure and changes in the government’s management structure. These can be fast or profound changes and can be very hard to keep up with. These days, no matter what you do, everyone is busy building their own websites. Why?


For Example:



If you are a lawyer, you can build a website explaining your own professional expertise and what kind of person you can help in court. You could include some clarifications to help people understand the law, how the courts and legal processes work. It can help people to avoid breaking the law unintentionally. Often people are frightened of lawyers and could do with some reassurance of what a meeting with a lawyer can be like.



If you are a teacher, you can build a website explaining how you help people to learn. You can also promote your services and get new students, why not? You yougetthemoney-com-teachermay have some special skills that people are looking for on the net.




yougetthemoney-com-doctorIf you are a doctor, you can create your website and share your professional knowledge on how to identify symptoms of different diseases, to help people to be treated in good time. Sometimes not looking up an ailment means a minor illness may become something more serious illness. It is also possible to reassure people that what they thought was a strange, may serious, complaint was nothing out of the ordinary and many people have the same problem.



If you are a chef, you can create your website and share your cooking knowledge. Many people love to cook at home and want to produce wonderful food, just like in a yougetthemoney-com-chefhotel. Sharing helps people where to buy the ingredients can help those who are attempting something really haut cuisine. Many are so naive in the kitchen that even boiling an egg is a mystery.



yougetthemoney-com-accountIf you are an accountant, you can also build a website, share your expertise, help more business owners understand the importance of accounting. You can explain the advantages of having a good accountant and taking advantage of tax law that most people are unaware of. How accountants can save money is often a mystery to the inexperienced business person. You can explain the pitfalls of not having an accountant and how friendly and approachable you are.


If you are a driver, you can build a website to promote your services. Information about: What kind of services you offer, When you are available, yougetthemoney-com-driverdays and hours, Which areas you cover, how far you are prepared to travel, local or abroad, Stories of strange journeys you have been contracted to drive…



yougetthemoney-com-cleanerIf you are a cleaner, you can build a website to promote your services, the scope of services, time available and so on. Write something about your background and experience and focus on trust and reliability. People want to get to know you, be able to find you and know what you charge. Focus on how good you are and what a good service you supply. If you are supplying domestic cleaners – ensure you explain about police checked references. Business will slowly increase.


In fact, it does not matter who you are or what you do, where you come from or what you have to offer.


You Can Build a Website, Wealthy Affiliate is the Best Place for You to Learn




Thinking bigger

Setting your goal

Be the best you can be

Show your expertise to help those who need your services in your area.

Show people what you have to offer.

Your website is part of your image, your business identity.

Even if you feel a website is not necessary to you, people expect every business to have a website and email these days.

So, have a go, there is a lot of help available these days and it need not cost a fortune.

This is an enjoyable thing, so have fun and expand your business.



To all, the very best wish you success!



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To Learn How to Start Your Own Online Business



  1. Norman

    Wealthy affiliate has the kind of training that can help anyone to have online success. All it takes is to follow the courses and working continually at what you are learning and before you know it you will have online success. The good part is that anyone can do it, it does not matter the background or level of training. Anyone can become a success with wealthy affiliate. Thanks for sharing your post is well detailed and filled with great information.

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Norman. You are right about that; anyone can build a successful business this way.

      There are some things that need to be learnt and they are mostly practical skills which can be acquired by following the excellent training then applying what you have learnt.

      The more time and effort you put in, the further you can go. There are so many opportunities to build something that suits each individual.

      Of course, one of the best aspects of WA is that you can genuinely try out the first courses free. There is no need to register a bank card.

      I have not come across such a genuine offer of this kind anywhere else.

      One of the difficulties people face when working from home is the isolation. If you get stuck, who do ask? WA have cracked that. There are hundreds of helpful people in this community who would love to help out with good advice and support for when you get stuck.

      You can learn / earn and make friends all over the world, at the same time.

  2. Simon

    Very well put information and easy to digest as well by any newbie, looking to dive into online business. Well done!

    The comparision with how you grow up as a human being with all the academical work was rather refreshing. And your reasoning and especially the examples of why it’s a good idea to make your own website.

    I was wondering, do you think any website couls be turned into a full time business?

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Simon. No, I do not think all web-sites can be turned into a business, however, a lot can if they have enough traffic to them. Even a local interest information site can build up enough traffic eventually to be a prospective business.

      I do think that all businesses need websites. Can you imagine a business without an email or telephone? It is almost a necessity these days.

      The right niche, marketing, traffic and a website are a winning combination to get started these days.

      A website without associated marketing would struggle to get traffic and so I guess would not be a good business vehicle.

      Children today who end up in business will not hesitate or consider if a website is necessary, but just get one made.

      What do you think?

  3. stefan

    Hi, great article!

    One of the things that I really enjoy about having an online business is that I have the freedom of choice. I can make money online helping people in whatever niche I want even if I don’t have a diploma.

    Now, I will not adventure into niches that require specialist knowledge because I don’t want to be responsible for giving wrong information that can have an adverse impact on people’s lives.

    But we can choose a niche about our hobbies and passions and recommend products we like.

    There is a learning curve and building an online business is really worth it.

    All the best

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Stefan

      Yes, it is really great that, no matter what age and abilities you have to start with, it is possible to build a business and have fun doing it.

      If you can use the internet and communicate with other people, you do not need a lot of qualifications or money to get started.

      There are no age restrictions, gender restrictions or complicated entry requirements.

      The market is so large that there is room for almost any speciality or niche you can want.

      It is possible to “Learn as you Earn.”

      It is not necessary to start off investing in a product because you can start with affiliate marketing and effectively sell other people’s products or services.

      An online business is only limited by your imagination. With the right support almost anybody can do it.

  4. Brad

    So I noticed you talked a lot about websites. The internet today is a massive deal and everybody out there has a website about something. I am curious however how you think websites will be 50 years from now. As I am only 22 years old I am a little nervous about beginning a career online. I almost feel as if the online world will give way to something else by the time I am a grandparent but still trying to work.
    Where in your opinion do you see websites evolving to in 50 years? Do you think the world will be totally different by then or will the value of a website still be the same? Thanks

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Hi Brad. A very interesting bunch of questions. Ranging from technology to philosophy. Thanks for the comment. I will do my best to answer you, though these are my own opinions and there are no guarantees!!

      I think technology is developing faster than most of us realise and to forsee what will be the norm or fashionable in 50 years is impossible.

      I do think, based on experience, that the future technology will grow out of what is currently growing. That means that to understand what will be the business of the future you may well need to start with what is growing today.

      My own feeling is that, at some point, we have to jump in and study what current businesses are doing. Remember that basic principles of good business do not change.

      If we wait 50 years it will be even more difficult to understand or utilise.

      Many of the principles of good business apply, whatever the medium is currently in fashion. Yes, I use fashion in it’s broadest sense, because what is popular and works in business today can change in 6 to 12 months. Internet business already has many forms and there are countless ways of making money. The potential market is so enormous that I cannot see it changing, only growing in new directions.

      The world will be very different in 50 years, I hope, yet many of the skills needed to run a successful business today will not change.

      A reliable business that delivers what it offers, on time and with a good will, always beats an irresponsible business setting out to cheat people.

      Offer people what they want or need.

      Deliver quickly

      For a fair price.

      Treat your clients well, show you care about them.

      Be adaptable to changing trends.

      These have always been good guidelines. If you are truly hesitant about an online business, have a look at WA where you can dip your toes in the water, get a feel for what you like and don’t like.

      And it is a genuine free trial.

      You have little to lose except some of your time and a bit of hard studying.

      I do wish you good luck and hope that I have helped you make your mind up, whatever you decide.

      Most businesses can be conceived of as a pipeline. Customers come in at one end and sales go out the other. You can then break the pipeline down into sections which have discreet functions and cost them accordingly.

      Whether the business is in traditional or internet form is not important. A website is, these days, a modern form of shop window with the displays of goods and services there to be browsed. The cash points to buy are all there and the customer service and enquiries. They are all in a multifunctional virtual environment

      A website serves little purpose if no-one sees it, so , marketing is vital to get customers to look at your site.

      Thus a website is a small, important part of most online businesses. Mobile phones and tablets are increasingly the point of contact with the customer and my guess is that in the future there will be a much greater integration of Audio Visual services.

      Who knows? It is an exciting and wonderful world.


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