Clickbank Pirate Reviews

Clickbank Pirate Reviews


Clickbank Pirate Reviews



Found at Clickbank pirate, this has a tacky childish presentation with pirate decorations. I read many reviews before going to the Clickbank Pirate website, it is poor quality. This article could have been done by a child. Clickbank Pirate bought through Clickbank has nothing to do with Clickbank. Review of Clickbank Pirate here.


Product                                       : Clickbank Pirate

Official Website                           :

Clickbank Pirate Price                 : $37 monthly plus upsells

Clickbank Pirate Owner              : Soren Jordansen / Cindy Battye Sold through


Description                                  : Supposedly a turnkey program for beginner Affiliates,

Clickbank Pirate Scam or Legit   : Not a scam but not recommended.

Rate                                             : 25/100 (Not Recommended)



Top Affiliate Marketing Program

What is Clickbank Pirate


The idea of calling it something exciting like “Pirate” is to give the impression that you are sneaking in and robbing solid gold.


I hope this short review will help you to decide on something better.


This is sold through Clickbank so there is a 60-day money back guarantee from them.


There are many confusing things about this product because you have to sign up and pay before you get to find out what you are buying.


Here is a picture of a Clickbank Pirate video shot:


clickbank pirate reviewa


WoW! Can this be true? Yes, it can, but not for you. I will explain later.


Next, they show an earnings example, dated several years ago. You have to ask yourself why it is so out of date.


clickbank pirate reviews


It is in fact from 2011 and is probably fake anyway.


Then they make the strangest claim ever:



clickbank Pirate reviews



Quote from Clickbank Pirate: “Traffic should be the last thing on your mind.” Why is this strange?


Because it is the core, the center, the most important part of an internet business.


Stay with me here, I will give you an example.


If you owned a shop with the best products in the world all for sale for $1 but worth hundreds. Your shop is in the Sahara desert. Who is going to find your shop? No-one.


If your shop is in the center of New York or London and you have TV adverts and large Neon signs promoting your products with videos and pictures of them. Do you think people might notice and enter your shop?


A website is a shop. The “traffic” is your visitors.


There are millions of websites on the net. How will people find yours?


Trust me, traffic is more than important.


There are genuine skills in getting traffic to your website. More Later.



Testimonials for Clickbank Pirate



There follow, in the video, 5 or 6 “testimonials” from other scam artists. (They probably do testimonials for each other.)


Why no happy satisfied customers? Do they exist? I suspect not. I read pages of reviews to try and find someone who had actually tried this product and succeeded.


clickbank pirate reviews



Each of the testimonials has a link to a website at the bottom. On each one, you will find programs of a similar kind to Clickbank Pirate.


I have read many reviews on Clickbank Pirate and other programs promising fortunes and this is a common ploy to make it look like they have satisfied customers.


Top Affiliate Marketing Program



Cost of Clickbank Pirate


They quote Clickbank Pirate $37 monthly but then they try and upsell you other products to “make things go faster.” If the system they sell you does not work, why are they promoting it?


clickbank pirate reviews


Warning: Once you click through to pay, they add VAT or other taxes onto the price in other countries, not the U.S.


clickreviewsbank pirate



What Do I Get from Clickbank Pirate for my Money


There is training of a sort. Clickbank Pirate is very basic and the turnkey automated material is basically copied from other people.


I suspect you can get this poor level of introductory training on the internet, free.


This is not going to get you any traffic.


One-page squeeze pages are no good at all for getting your page ranked on page 1 of Google. No good for traffic


Google searches through the copy on websites and if it finds duplicated material, it ignores it. No ranking there. Little or no traffic there.


You are limited to selling the products Clickbank Pirate dictates. Because they are taking some of the commission you have earned.


Google likes fresh content, relevant to a niche. Regular updates and added content.


With Clickbank Pirate, the material is out of date and stresses building an email list or using your existing one. This takes time and a lot of hard work. It is possible to spend a lot of money getting together a list.


Here is a list of the “training” Clickbank Pirate offer:


clickbank pirate reviews


Most of these involve you spending more money.


What will you get from it? Well, Clickbank Pirate has an earnings disclaimer. Have a look:



clickbank pirate reviews



“It is your sole responsibility to generate traffic to your turnkey systems.”


Can you see why I queried their “traffic is not important” statement?


There is a way to learn how to build your own business, generate plenty of traffic and all the skills you really need. I have been using this program for years and I personally recommend it.


You can learn how to build a mailing list without spending a fortune. You can learn how to get traffic, without spending a fortune.


By the Way, you can try out this program for free.




Top Affiliate Marketing Program



Do I Recommend Clickbank Pirate?


I cannot call Clickbank Pirate a scam because there are products.


The products and training are not worth the money.


You will simply be earning money for Clickbank Pirate and expanding their mailing list.


I think Clickbank Pirate is robbing people. I think the quoted earnings at the beginning are for the owners.


Try this out:


If Clickbank Pirate sell 1000 memberships a year:


$197 x 1000 = $197,000 per year. (That is over $16,000 per their claim of earning $10,000 a month is quite accurate.)


Plus, Clickbank Pirate get your mailing list and you might also sell some of their products creating commission for them


 I struggle to see this as a genuine help for beginners, to teach them the basics of internet marketing.


I do think a beginner might learn some useful stuff but not the most current and most effective stuff.


I hope this does not get you down. Remember, there is a proper way to learn how to do all this. There are proper tuition and support. If you seriously want to earn money online, then click below:



Top Affiliate Marketing Program



Product                                       : Clickbank Pirate

Official Website                           :

Clickbank Pirate Price                 : $37 monthly plus upsells

Clickbank Pirate Owner              : Soren Jordansen / Cindy Battye Sold through


Description                                  : Supposedly a turnkey program for beginner Affiliates,

Clickbank Pirate Scam or Legit   : Not a scam but not recommended.

Rate                                             : 25/100 (Not Recommeded)



If you have any experience or opinion with the “Clickbank Pirate” Program, please leave a comment and your point of view, this can help me and others to get understand better and judge whether or not it is a scam.


Thank you for reading my article. I wish you all the best.



Clickbank Pirate Reviews

Clickbank Pirate






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