How to Build Your First Affiliate Website

How to Build Your First Affiliate Website



How to Build Your First Affiliate Website


How to build your first affiliate website? I think you need to have an understanding of how it works, combining the processes and ambition that you wants to make money online: but how? This is a great question and I would like to share with you how to do it and how you can also do it and have fun as well. I think lots of people when they see “make money online” open their eyes wide. That is no secret nowadays; there is a lot of hard work behind it. It is not just “click,” then you make money. You never know how many years people have worked, behind the scenes, doing lots and lots of hard work to build their site and build their business. Then, one day, it works and it is payday. They have persevered and worked hard, there is uncertainty but they never gave up. All the processes along the path to success that they have gone through, it is amazing. And they did it. Well done, finally they are making money online. Money cannot buy the joy of that feeling of success.



Affiliate Marketing Website


An affiliate marketing website means being an affiliate, selling other people’s products through the link in their own website. Do the marketing and make commission for it. Affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online. Especially, since you do not have to have lots of money, you can take this chance to become an online affiliate marketer and make money online. Of course you do need to have a computer and an internet connection. You can pick one thing you enjoy and are good at doing. It might be your hobby, skills, experience, anything you like, give yourself a chance and get started.


How to Start an Affiliate Website in 4 Steps


I am going to share with you best way to create your first affiliate website without a struggle. You do not need to learn computer code; you do not need to have certification. You can learn it, step by step, as I guide you through.


Step 1 Choose your domain name – the name of your business

            You can have 2 free SiteRubix websites to get you started

Step 2  Build your affiliate website

Step 3  Get Traffic (Visitors to your website.)

Step 4  Make commissions


To build your first affiliate website, you can go through the following training. This will help you to understand the process of building an affiliate marketing website and keep you in the right direction.


Affiliate Marketing Programs


There are thousands of affiliate marketing programs. If you are new on the internet, you probably know which affiliate programs are good and offer good service and are trusted. Then I recommend the Wealthy Affiliate for you. At this stage, when you are also a member of Wealthy Affiliates, your own experience will tell you that they have excellent training. SiteRubix website builder is a secure and spam free website hosting and offers site analysis. It is a 24/7 service and is the guaranteed no 1 community in the world in this business.


Another important point is that Wealthy Affiliates also has its own affiliate program for affiliates. How can you make money from the wealthy affiliate program? Let me show you how.


If you are a wealthy affiliate premium member, you can earn commissions by referring people to wealthy affiliate:


For example: you refer one premium member


The first-month commission is $8/-.

Thereafter monthly recurring commissions are $23.50/-.

If that member pays yearly, your recurring commissions are $175/-. Per year.

If you are a free wealthy affiliate member, you also can earn commissions by referring people to Wealthy Affiliates.

The first-month commission is $4/-.

Thereafter monthly recurring commissions are $11.75/-.

If that member pays yearly, your recurring commissions are $87.50/-. Per year. website


Affiliate Marketing Program for eCommerce Amazon Associates or eBay Affiliate


Becoming an Amazon Associates or eBay affiliate is also recommended, as they are trusted affiliate programs for you.


With Amazon Associates you can earn commissions between 4%-10% of sales.


With eBay affiliates you can earn different commissions depending on the category of items sold.



How to Start Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing is where you earn commissions for recommending products or services to your website reader or someone on the net. When they buy the products through your website using the affiliate link (on your website,) you will earn commissions.

  • Find products you like and trust
  • You sign up and join their affiliate program
  • Their give you a link or banners to promote by putting them on your website.
  • When you promote the products, the buyer buys the products through your link or banner then you will earn the commissions.
  • The banners and links have a unique ID which shows the referral came from your website.


Marketing Products on Your Website

  • Your domain name – your niche domain name.
  • Pages/Posts contents – you can add affiliate links in your relevant contents.
  • Ads in your website sidebar.
  • Ads….
  • Etc.


Start Your Online Business



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How to Build Your First Affiliate Website

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