The Affilorama Review


The Affilorama Review


What is Affilorama about? Does Affilorama have an affiliate program? Before getting started and login to Affilorama, please read this review to understand how the Affilorama program can benefit you, or not? Is the Affilorama forum the best forum, to get help from, when you get stuck? Are there any Affilorama complaints?


The Affilorama Review



Affilorama program Name     : Affilorama
Affilorama officer Website     :

Affilorama Price                    : $0 Free Membership,

                                               $1 30-day Premium Membership trial,

                                               $67/monthly, $497 for three years + upsells

Affilorama Product               : Legitimate

Affilorama Owners               : Mark Ling

Affilorama Refund                : 60 days Money Back guarantee

Affilorama Overall Ranking : 80/100



What is Affilorama About?


Affilorama was founded in 2006 by Mark Ling and co-founder CEO Simon Slade. He had had 8 years’ experience as an affiliate and product owner.


Affilorama gives you straightforward, step-by-step training courses and tools for beginners and affiliate marketers to build a successful affiliate business online.


Affilorama has a few different types of membership. Affilorama has a free membership for new member to login and get started on the training.


If you want to get more advanced training you can get a $1 for thirty-day premium membership trial. After the trial membership, your premium membership fee will be $67/monthly.


If you want to use better tools to do a better job for your affiliate marketing, then Affilorama has many “up-sell” products for you.



Is Affilorama a Scam or Legitimate?


Affilorama is not a scam. It is legitimate program, is internet marketing program for affiliates. To learn how to make money online with Affilorama (owner Mark Ling) step-by-step training courses and tools.



The Pros vs. Cons of Affilorama




  • Free member to get started
  • Follow the training step-by-step
  • Get access to the Affilorama forum
  • Paid plan options for premium program
  • Mark Ling is affiliate elite ( Owner of Affilorama)




  • Affilorama products COSTS are quite expensive.
  • Many options confuse you, making the right decision is difficult.
  • Some upsell products.
  • Some of the training is not up to date.
  • Back Links; (Google does not rank back links in sites or blogs.)
  • PLR – Private Label Rights (After 2010 if you have a duplicated article Google console can check it. Google does not like copied content. Google can stop ranking your website (blog).



How Much do Affilorama Products Cost (Price)?


Affilorama Free Affilorama Membership Cost (price): $0/-

Affilorama Premium Membership Cost (price): $67/- Per Month

Affilorama – AffiloJetpack Cost (price): $997/- Per Month

Affilorama – AffiloBlueprint Cost (price): $197/-

Affilorama – AffiloTheme Cost (price): $97/- Per Month



Affiliate Marketing Guide

Does Affilorama Really Work?


Affilorama products work for affiliates, but the price (cost) too expensive. I understand Affilorama offers ready to go websites for you to get started. If you know nothing about your business online, how can you make an income stream (Money) online with a long term plan?


If you know nothing about business online, you can employ someone to do it for you. How do you know if they do it wrong or right for you? It is very dangerous for you to ask someone to do business online when you do not understand what they are doing. At the end of the day, your business will go bankrupt.


If you do not know how to create business online, how do you choose your niche; how do you choose the right keyword, how do you write the content and how do you get your website ranking high on Google page 1. How do you promote your online business on the social media – Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, Google+ etc. etc. There are so many ways to do Internet Marketing online.



Do Affilorama Have Up Sell Products?


Yes, Affilorama up sell to you a product they call:


“Bonus #1: You will also get my own website-building tool.” ($97/-). It is really a custom-made WordPress theme called “AffiloTheme.”

“Bonus #2: Plus a 1-month trial of my marketing tool suite ($67/-). It is AffiloTools and will track your website rankings in search engines.



Affilorama – AffiloTools


AffiloTools can give you all the data shown here:


  • Search Engines SEO
  • Back Links – Build your own back links.
  • Traffic – unique visitors trend
  • Clickbank (Product)
  • Search engines Ranking – Automatically tracks your website ranking data.
  • Keywords – which keywords rank higher.
  • Social media – Facebook likes trend, Twitter follower trend, etc.
  • revenue and more…. Showing all of your websites data, all in one place.



Affilorama Free Membership



Affilorama Free membership for beginners and affiliates to try it out. This is good for you to get to know the if the Affilorama program is really for you or not? If you are a beginner this training would give you some knowledge about affiliate marketing. You will definitely get some benefits from the training.


Affiliate Marketing Guide


Affilorama Premium Membership


You can get into all the advanced training videos.

Web hosting for 10 domains and associated email addresses

A choice of templates for Word Press

2GB Disk Space

75GB Monthly Traffic Bandwidth

Other useful bits and pieces for putting together an ecommerce website.

You can go through Affiliate blog boot camp training.


Affilorama premium




Affiloblueprint is the step by step system training for you to make money online.


Step1 – Market research and keywords

Step2 – Creating Content

step3 – Setting Up Your Website

step4 – Website Design


As a beginner you do not need any skills, knowledge or experience. The course training will teach you from scratch and it is easy to follow it.

You will follow the AffiloBlueprint training to build a great and beautiful looking website and learn how to choose the right products to promote.


AffiloBlueprint training would give you the best strategies for getting traffic to your website.


AffiloBlueprint will show you how to optimize your website to maximise your sales.


AffiloBlueprint training courses price is $197/-, and 2 Bonus – Bonus #1. Website-building tool (AffiloTheme normally $97/-). Bouns #2. Plus, a 1-month trial of marketing tool suit (normally $67/-)


How to use a PPC (Pay per Click) system to increase traffic to your website.


One recommended theme to get Affiliate Marketers up and going.


AffilioBluePrint claims to be a complete Affiliate system you can use, repeat again and again.



60 Days Money Back Guarantee



Guarantee #1: If you are not 100% convinced that the AffiloBlueprint course will make you money as an affiliate, he will give you a refund within 60 days.


Guarantee #2: The “Total System Failure” guarantee. This means you if do exactly what Mark Ling’s AffiloJetpack training teaches you, you will start making money within 60 days.


If you use AffiloJetpack and follow the training exactly and you still don’t see any good results within the 60 days, the owner of Affilorama Mark Ling will refund your money and also give you, out of his own pocket, $100/- cash and say “sorry for wasting your time”.



What is AffiloJetpack?


Mark Ling claims that AffiloJetpack is the hugely powerful system for affiliate building “money-making machines” that help affiliates to make a huge income on autopilot.



How Does AffiloJetpack Work?


4 Components combined together for you to make money.



AffiloJetpack Component 1


AffiloJetpack has over 90 especially designed emails of 500 words each for you to use to build trust and sales with your customers (audience).


  • Expertly written to exacting standards
  • Prefect timing and order
  • Ready to start making money
  • 100% automatic earnings
  • Leave no money on the table
  • If you can get people to subscribe to one of these newsletters, you will make sales.


AffiloJetpack Component 2


Affilojetpack is a tool on your website to super power it to help you to get more subscribers and more sales.


  • Get your relationship off to a good start
  • Start making sales straight away
  • Grab and entice your visitors
  • You get not one, but three of these reports



AffiloJetpack Component 3


AffiloJetpack this tool is to help you to set up your own beautiful WordPress website with just a few clicks. It is very easy to customize.


  • One-click setup
  • Built on WordPress
  • Installed with AffiloTheme
  • 12 Months hosting included
  • Build-in header graphic tool
  • Finally you own your website



AffiloJetpack Component 4


AffilJetpack give you content “cheat sheets”


  • Get 20 content “cheat sheets”
  • Get better quality articles for less cost
  • Makes outsourcing much easier
  • Easily create hundreds of unique articles
  • Make it easy for you to write your own too
  • Access to my own talented writers


AffiloJetpack offers this bonus to help you to get traffic generation. The secret money making machine is the visitors to your site, (the traffic.). But the traffic comes from many difference sources. The AffiloJetpack training helps you to get the visitors to visit your website.


AffiloJetpack $997/-, includes 5 websites (for $997/-,) that is about $200/- per website.


Affiliate Marketing Guide




Affilorama program Name     : Affilorama

Affilorama officer Website     :

Affilorama Price                    : $0 Free Membership,

                                               $1 x 30-day Premium Membership Free trial,

                                               $67/monthly, $497 for three years + upsells

Affilorama Product               : Legitimate

Affilorama Owners               : Mark Ling

Affilorama Refund                : 60 days Money Back guarantee

Affilorama Overall Ranking  : 80/100








  1. Dave

    Hey there,

    I am very green in the online world and I was told that Affilorama was a great program to get involved in to make money with.

    But I see they have quite expensive resources as well as upsells. I would really have loved to join but I can’t because of the upsells. I think wealthy affiliate is a far better fit for me.

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Dave

      Perhaps Affilorama is something you might return to when you have made some money using Wealthy Affiliate methods?

      I think you will find there is so much to learn and so many money making methods in Wealthy Affiliate, you will not need Affilorama.

      Good luck with your projects.

  2. Andy Zeus Anderson

    One thing you got wrong is that Back Links do still count in blogs and websites. Google’s Panda update changed how links are addressed and the rule of what constitutes an unnatural linking pattern such as too high of keyword density in anchor text and not enough URL only linkage or links on poor quality sites or sites with a ton of duplicate content.

    Beyond that affilioram is expensive but a very good training platform for general retail affiliate marketing. They are a sister site to SaleHoo and Traffic Travis. The two related programs are also very strong values even if the price of entry for Trafic Travis is restrictive.

    AffilioRama seems to have struck a good cord on repurposing content and writing it to suit each client’s needs as the sites rank well and bring a fair amount of success with a little advertising and a lot of marketing.

    In all a nice review and break down of features. For SEO information I recommend Search Engine Land to stay up to date for free and their sister site MarketingLand are fabulous for generating growth in your affiliate marketing business.

    Andy Zeus Anderson

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Andy.

      Thank you for a really comprehensive comment. We can only improve if we know where things can be improved.

      I am surprised about the back links but what you say makes a lot of sense. It is weeding out the non-genuine and superfluous links.

      You have provided a wealth of useful information so I am pasting this into a diary for action later.

      I am very interested in your claims for Affilorama since I struggled to find anyone who had used the program successfully.

      I think the price is almost irrelevant if it works. I acknowledge that any marketing of this type takes hard work and time, besides, any business requires either time or money to get it off the ground.

  3. Aaron

    Hey HappyB, I really enjoyed reading your affilorama review. I think the program sounds alright in my opinion, but I think the price tag is a bit high. Plus you still have to put in all the work you would have to put in when you do it without them. I would recommend a company or rather a community called Wealthy Affiliates that does a flawless job of teaching you everything and is way cheaper. Plus you get the opportunity to connect with thousands of like-minded marketers.

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Aaron,

      You are right. The kernel of online business is getting customers to your website or building an email list. Both are necessary in Affilorama and Wealthy Affiliate, so there are no advantages to Affilorama but Wealthy affiliate teaches you almost all the ways to get traffic (visitors) to your website.

      I also find Affilorama a bit expensive for less training and support.

      Sometimes we have to also listen to our gut feeling and do what we feel is right.

  4. Scott Hinkle

    I’m new to the affiliate marketplace and deciding on which programs are right for me is a daunting task. I appreciate your review and, based on the cost side of things, think that affilorama is not a good fit.

    So far I’m liking Wealthy Affiliate and appreciate the low cost and awesome member support, not to mention the great training. I think I’ll stick with them.

    Thank you for providing a great review!

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Scott.

      You will not be disappointed with Wealthy Affiliate. If I may give one piece of advice it is to do all the courses in their order. That way you will learn everything you need to know. 

      Welcome to the community, good luck.

      1. Scott Hinkle

        Very good advice. I’ve gone through it once and find myself referring back to it as needed.

        1. HappyB (Post author)

          Thanks Scott.
          When you say “been through it,” do you mean you have been in Affilorama?
          I would love to hear from someone who has tried both Wealthy Affiliate and Affilorama.
          There are many similarities but Wealthy affiliate scores better when it comes to costs.

          I’m glad the review has been some help to you and good luck with your own projects.

  5. Khoula Elmasri

    Hi there,

    That was an awesome review of Affilorama. I am actually a member of both Affilorama and Wealthy Affiliate. Even though, Affilorama is a great platform to join. However, Wealthy Affiliate is by far the best out there on the market today.

    Not to mention, I didn’t personally like the up-sells associated with Affilorama, and it is expensive for starters.

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Hi Khoula.

      Really interesting you have tried both.

      Which did you join first, Affilorama or Wealthy Affiliate?

      My big question is always: Does it work?

      I know that if a person joins Wealthy Affiliate and follows the courses. They can learn enough to build a new business of their own. If they implement the lessons and get support when they need it, there is nothing to stop them creating a successful business and making an income.

      Affilorama seems rather a narrow approach and it is quite expensive, but if it works, it could be an in to the business of affiliate marketing.

      Perhaps you would be willing to shed some light?


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