Wealthy Affiliate Cost Review

Wealthy Affiliate Cost Review


In any review of internet business platforms and you will often struggle to find out what the real costs are, what they are really offering. Wealthy Affiliate is upfront about their costs and what training and support you will get. It costs time and money to start any business and Wealthy Affiliate is no different.


Affiliate Marketing Guide



Here is a realistic idea of the costs, and a way to start very low and build up to what you need as your business grows.


Wealthy Affiliate Cost Review

How to Get Started for Nothing in Wealthy Affiliate


Later, I will explain how to test the Wealthy Affiliate products and get started for nothing, yes, for free and at no cost to you. This is not some fancy money back system; you pay nothing to start. More later.


Wealthy Affiliate Free Member


When you find you are comfortable with the training and enjoy building your own business, you will need to pay to go premium and enjoy all the advantages of the best internet business training program on the net. Stay with me here and I will explain.


I will also explain how to reduce some of the premium costs to a manageable level.



Alternatives to Wealthy Affiliate


Are there alternatives to Wealthy Affiliate? Yes, I will also tell you about some them later and some of their costs.


How much money can you make? That is complicated but I will do my best to explain the possibilities and probabilities later as well. Making money in any business is affected by a lot of different things. The biggest variable in how much you can make, is you. I will expand on that further on.



Wealthy Affiliate Business


What you can learn, and become good at, through Wealthy Affiliate, is how to create a business on the internet, from nothing. (There are some small costs at the beginning, though they are minimal.)


Wealthy Affiliate Business


If creating an internet business was easy, everyone would be good at it and no-one would be poor. It needs some time, energy, passion and self–belief. You will need to study and be active in your business. The more successful you are, the bigger the cost of the business, and the more money you will make.



The Potential of Wealthy Affiliate


Wealthy Affiliate is a business itself and has costs, although they will help anyone to get started for nothing, they hope you will see the potential and enjoy the training enough to stick with it and make a serious income out of it.


To do that, you will need to eventually become a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate and as things progress, you may need to invest in some software to speed things up. These are real costs and, quite honestly, very small compared with other businesses. I will explain more to you later.


You see, as you become successful and find out what works for you and where you want to make money, you will make choices about your business:

  • What you will sell
  • Who you will sell it to.
  • When
  • How
  • How much time you can devote to your business.
  • How much you will do yourself and
  • How much you will pay others to do for you.


Wealthy Affiliate Cost Review 2


Here is a picture explaining the cost of Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership and what you will get for your money. Remember, you do not have to do this to get started.


Wealthy Affiliate Cost

Free Membership Free to Join
Premium Membership   (Upgrade to Premium membership within the first 7 days, then the first month costs only $19/-)  After the first month, the monthly cost is $49/-.  $49/- Per Month
Yearly Premium Membership $495/- Per Year



Affiliate Marketing Guide



Wealthy Affiliate will teach you all the skills you need to

  • develop a website,
  • get visitors to your website and
  • get them to buy from you or through you.


This is a simplified version of things, there is a lot of detail in between and you can learn all of it in one place, on Wealthy Affiliate.


My personal experience is that, if you follow all the training and do the work they propose, you will have a thorough grounding in all the skills and many of the methods of making money through an internet business.


They provide you with all the tools to put your skills into practice and these are usually extra costs in other programmes; Wealthy Affiliate includes almost everything you need in their price.


It is not just a question of “How Much Does Wealthy Affiliate Cost?” It is also: “What do I Get for My Money.” That is the question we need to ask whenever we cough up our hard earned money, isn’t it?



What Else do I Need?


A serious part of the business is “traffic”, or visitors, to your website. No traffic, no business. In retail we call it “footfall”. Nobody walks past your shop, no one comes into your shop and so no-one buys; a lot of people walk past, some come in and some of them buy.


A lot of visitors to your website means people want to read what you have written and then buy something from you. (explained in the courses.)


Knowing what to write about, and how to word it so that people, searching the net, will find you; that is important. (All taught in the courses.)


As your website grows and you write more articles and reviews, (all taught in the courses,) you need to know how to get more people to find your website. Wealthy Affiliate has an excellent keyword tool, (included in the membership,) and they teach you how to use it. this will help you become more visible on the search engines. There is more to this and you will learn about it on the premium courses.



Extra Programmes You May Need


If you want the Rolls Royce of keyword tools, you will need to buy Jaaxy, and it does cost a little bit.


If you want to do intensive email marketing, you will need to invest in Aweber or a similar email marketing tool.


A lot of information is free through Google Analytics and other free tools, (covered in the training.)



The Value of Content


You will need to be able to produce reviews or “content,” or articles for people to read, like this one you are reading now. (Lots of details in the training and some community member experts can help you.) This is one area some people struggle with. I can only say, it gets easier the more you do.




You can also pay someone else to do it for you, although that would be an added cost.


My personal advice is to learn how to do all the stages yourself, so that you can judge if someone else is giving you a good product. (Lots more info on the courses.)



Wealthy Affiliate Help and Guidance


Having someone to guide you through can help, especially if you are a beginner. If you join through my link here, I will be your main guide. You will also have Kyle and Carson the owners of Wealthy Affiliate and potentially thousands of other members who are happy to share their advice, support and experiences with you.



Wealthy Affiliate Free Trial


A really exceptional part of the Wealthy Affiliate membership is the amazing free trial. Why?


Because it really is free, it really does cost absolutely nothing.


You can really access some of the training courses to learn the basics.


You can remain a free member as long as you like.


Wealthy Affiliate Free Trial


You can get help from other community members.


You do not need to give your bank/credit card details, so you cannot be forced into hidden payments or anything sneaky like that.


You have the opportunity to test everything out as I have told you here, to see that it is all true.



This is the Wealthy Affiliate Bonus


Imagine buying a car and being told you can borrow it free for 3 months, free. You are just restricted on how fast you can drive and how far you can go. Then if you are still not certain, keep it for as long as you like. Where do you get a free offer like that anywhere else?


Affiliate Marketing Guide



You can “road test” Wealthy Affiliate for as long as you like as a free member.


Read reviews of other comparative programmes and you will see that most “trials” cost you something. The Wealthy Affiliate Bonus is an upfront bonus for you to really test them out.


What have you got to lose and what might you gain?



Wealthy Affiliate Income


People often ask me:

  1. “How much can I make?”
  2. “How fast can I make some money?”
  3. “Can I become a millionaire next week / month / year / tomorrow?”
  4. “How much does Wealthy Affiliate Cost, really?”



  1. How Much Can I Make?


With a business of this type, the sky is the limit. A possible scenario is like this:

  • Learn the skills.
  • Select a Niche
  • Build a website around your niche.
  • Write reviews or articles for your website.
  • Get Traffic (visitors) to your site
  • Sell your own or someone else’s products.
  • Once it is up and running and only requires maintenance and top-ups. Start again with a new part of your niche.


Of course you do not have to relearn the skills or select a new niche. You jump right in with a new website and fill it with high class content. You will have some experience as to what works and what does not work, so you will be faster and more confident.


You can “rinse and repeat” as many times as you like. The biggest issue is the time you have to do the work. This is where you are now the expert in all aspects of your business so you can outsource. That means getting someone else to do some parts of the work for you.


How Much Can You Earn?


Well, just for a moment consider affiliate marketing for Amazon.

  • Amazon sells over 489 million products. (in the USA alone.)
  • Do you think there will be a few you can write reviews on or describe?
  • Then you can sell their products on commission, as an affiliate marketer.


  1. How fast can I make some money?


This depends on so many factors, it is impossible to come with a fixed answer.


If you have some previous experience and some money to invest and if you spend time going through the Wealthy Affiliate training, you can be up and earning in a few months.


If you are a normal mortal with other financial commitments and not a lot of background knowledge of Internet Business, it can take somewhat longer. There is a lot to learn and a lot to practice, a lot to actually do.


There are no real shortcuts and anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is probably just trying to get your money.



  1. Can I become a millionaire next week / month / year / tomorrow? No.


It takes a few years for most people. Sorry, I know I have disappointed a few people. I am just being straight with you.


All things are possible, it depends on your study, time and choices.


Affiliate Marketing Guide



  1. How much does Wealthy Affiliate Cost, really?


It is possible to get started using the free Bonus membership but if you are serious, you will have a lot of hard work to do it. Better by far to get a taste of how the business and Wealthy Affiliate works, free, then once you are happy that this is for you, go for premium membership.


As your website grows you will find you get better results by using a keyword tool. Wealthy Affiliate has one but Jaaxy is really the Rolls Royce and that costs a few hundred dollars a year. When you are earning a few thousand, it is well worth it.


If you are planning an email campaign, there are several automated systems that are really good and you pay on sliding scales for them depending on how many emails you send and receive. Several start off free or very cheap. Aweber and MailChimp are 2 of them.



Wealthy Affiliate Alternatives


There are several other programmes which claim to do the same thing as Wealthy Affiliate.


Here are the main ones:


  • Internet Jetset $47 per month. No domain or hosting. 12 hours of videos.
  • Affilorama This appears to be a way of building a business online largely through emails and an investment of $997 is needed, at least.
  • CB Passive Income 4.0. this is a strange one. It is based around email marketing and appears to offer a free business. It seems like you will only sell products through CBPI, earning commission for the company and for yourself. $47 / month or $97 one off lifetime membership.
  • Chris Farrell Membership. List building / Email marketing. $4.95. 7 day trial then $37 month


I am not going to review these in detail. I will point out the similarities and differences in their claims.


Wealthy Affiliate Yearly Membership


The Wealthy Affiliate Cost can be lowered by paying for it annually and picking up on Black Friday offers.


If the cost of premium membership bothers you, have a look at this:


A Simple Business Model


If you want to earn $20,000 by selling your own or someone else’s products, you will need to sell at least $40,000 of goods at retail prices.


The average impulse buy is around $25. That means you will need to sell about 1600 units a year or 30 a week. There are many people selling more than that a day.


There are 325 million people in the USA.

35 million in Canada.

66 million in the United Kingdom

Australia, New Zealand, Europe, South Africa etc., so many English speaking people alone.


If I include China and India, the numbers become almost unbelievable. They share about 2.7 billion people.


With the right training and guidance, could you market and sell 30 items a week with potential customers of over 420 million people? If you marketed Amazon products, you would have a lower commission but they have over 400 million products for you to choose from and you do not have to stock one item.


There are other companies looking for Affiliates to market their products, not just Amazon. I just want you to get a feel for the scale of this business. It is enormous.


By the way. Amazon want you to sell their products.


All the basic necessary costs start at Zero through Wealthy Affiliate.


When you go for the Premium membership, it will cost you $359/- for an annual membership.


When you go for Jaaxy it will cost you about $588 annually. That is under a thousand dollars a year for the 2. I will leave the calculations up to you. Please check the internet to verify my figures. I assure you they are correct.



Why Doesn’t Everyone Join Wealthy Affiliate?


All our circumstances are different. We are different individuals with different abilities and desires.


Finally, there is one quality that is needed to make a success of any business; hard work and study. Mm, that is two. It is necessary to learn the ropes. In the ever changing world of the internet Wealthy Affiliate costs are low.


It makes no difference which programme you join when it comes to time and work. They all need it, no matter what “fantastic offers” and “one off bonuses” they offer you


You will get all the training you need with Wealthy Affiliates and even more, if you want it. You will have access to facilities and support to make your learning easier and your business smoother. You will have a community of people all doing the same as you and eager to help solve problems.


You bring the hard work, the time and your own determination.


When you would like to give yourself the opportunity, I will be there, in Wealthy Affiliate to help you, as will over 800,000 others. Two of them are the owners and gurus of the business themselves.






Wealthy Affiliate Cost Review








Video Training


Community Help



  • Training
  • Video Training
  • Help and Support
  • Tools
  • Great Cost


  1. Dave


    I completely agree with you, wealthy affiliate is a saviour especially for beginners I recently joined for the free version and have since upgraded. What I especially like about it, is the community support. That is priceless and the key word tool is simply the best. I would recomend this to anyone out there.

    Look at the cost compared with the cost of doing those courses from another company.

    Add in the tech support, website building, hosting and security and Wealthy Affiliate offers more for a lot less money than any other company I have found.

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Dave.

      I agree. Once you get through the first few courses and begin to understand what internet business is about, you will find you are learning things which can be used in almost every business today.

      An online presence is a necessity to survive these days.

      Maximising the business potential of that online presence is a must for all businesses. Very useful skills.

      Like you, I appreciate the community support.

  2. Tom


    Excellent review of Wealthy Affiliate.

    You are very thorough on what Wealthy Affiliate is all about and with its pros and cons, price and your own experience.

    I am part of Wealthy Affiliate and I definitely agree with what you say. It is the best opportunity I have tried and would definitely back you on what you say.

    Keep up the great work,


    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Tom.

      Kyle and Carson of Wealthy Affiliate promote good content and helping others, so it seems only right to be open, honest and really try to help other people.

      There are enough scams and bright shiny objects on the net as it is. A good dose of hard work and persistence will end with something good and sustainable. The training in Wealthy Affiliate, added in, gives everyone an opportunity to be successful and make an income.

      Good luck with your own project.

  3. Melinda Curle

    I’m not a big fan of the free trial marketing for Wealthy Affiliate, but it gets you in the door. It is a marketing strategy used by many. I think the best thing about investing in Wealthy Affiliate is that you end up sticking with it. I know I tried wealthy affiliate and other products on my own, but I had a tendency to quit after things started to feel difficult. With affiliate marketing you really need to stick with it for a few months in order to start making sales and seeing profits. I feel like it is the best $49 per month investment I have ever made in myself!

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Melinda.

      Wow! You have summed up a very common experience, i think. Many of us try a range of different things, hoping for that gold nugget that gives us a quicker reward. 

      You are so right that this business takes time to build up. It takes some hard work. No matter which program you go with, that still applies.

      At least with Wealthy Affiliate there is an open attitude and genuinely helpful people.

      Interesting that you find you can stick with W.A. That has been my experience also.

      Good luck with your project and thanks again for commenting.

  4. Aaron

    Hey, I really enjoyed reading your review about wealthy affiliates. I got to say I really appreciate your honesty about the fact that people have to put work in and that it’s going to take some time to have a successful blog. I’m a wealthy affiliate member myself and I can assure everybody that if you put the work in and learn a few things you will have success no matter what.

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Aaron.

      Yes, I really believe that being honest is the best policy. There are far too many get rich quick schemes on the net. I have never found any that worked.

      The truth is that to build any business takes either a lot of money or a lot of time and hard work. I prefer to work with people who understand this. 

      I also think there is a lot of pleasure to be gained by creating something new and profitable.

  5. JD

    Thanks for your review! I really like the low cost of Wealthy Affiliate when compared to other affiliate programs. Thanks for pointing out the premium version of Jaaxy. I’ve have always found the free version adequate. What are the advantages of going the premium route? Do you think its worth the extra cost?

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks JD. The premium version of Jaaxy has many more searches and associated facilities. For more information please see my Jaaxy review. 

      I have certainly found the combination of Wealthy Affiliate training and Jaaxy to be very effective in creating an internet business. 

      I have never regretted being a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate and Jaaxy. 

      The cost of Wealthy Affiliate premium membership is small compared with the potential earnings and quality training. 


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