Wealthy Affiliate is a Scam Review

Wealthy Affiliate is a Scam Review

Wealthy Affiliate is a Scam Review


This Wealthy Affiliate is a Scam review is to help you to decide if Wealthy Affiliate is a scam or not. What is a Wealthy Affiliate about? Is Wealthy Affiliate the No. 1 online business training platform in the world? Is Wealthy Affiliate really for beginners, affiliates, internet marketers and small business owners? 98% of Wealthy Affiliate member’s reviews say Wealthy Affiliate is positive. Only 2% of Wealthy Affiliate members complain that the training they get is overwhelming. So Wealthy Affiliate is definitely not a scam.


Wealthy Affiliate is a scam


Here’s Why:


Please note that the main complaint is that there is a lot to learn; this is true. The courses in Wealthy Affiliate are very thorough and cover so much of what you need to know.

Wealthy Affiliate

Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is for:

  • beginners,
  • affiliates,
  • internet marketers and
  • small business owners.
  • Experienced Online Entrepreneurs


From my own experience with Wealthy Affiliate, I must confess, it is awesome. This is the right place for me. Many other Wealthy Affiliate members say the same; this is the right place for them too. So, OK, I am biased. I am not a person to lie and say black is white. I will tell you how it is and you can make up your own mind.


Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member 1



Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member 2



Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member 3



Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member 4



Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member 5



My Wealthy Affiliate Experience


I looked for an online businesses and how to make money online for a long time. I struggled to find a real making money online business. I have had some scam experience and lost some money and, many times, got no response after I had paid my money. So I know what it feels like to be scammed. I hate it.


A lot of people, so called “experts,” only tell you “How MUCH money they make online themselves” and ask you pay to join their scheme, even though you do not have any prior knowledge or information. Often the result is they teach you something out of date, that worked years ago but does not work anymore. They will also gloss over the really hard part: How do you get visitors to your site? (Often referred to as “traffic.”


You do not know about any of the courses and training before you join. Sometimes, you join the course and do the training only to find that you will have to buy more courses if you want to continue and learn the “real secrets.” There can be a lot of hidden costs after you have joined. Do you recognise this technique?

If you do not like the courses and training, you will lose your money. Sometimes it is quite large sums of money you get to lose. Even though some have “money back guarantees,” you still cannot get your money back, because they do not respond to you when you make a claim.


Wealthy Affiliate is the Right Platform for Those Who Want Success Online


This is how it happened to me. One day I came across an article about Wealthy Affiliate and they were offering a free membership opportunity, so that the new free members could get to know what Wealthy Affiliate inside information is all about. You get to know about all the


  • Courses.
  • Video training.
  • Bootcamp and more…
  • Classes you can study and learn from.
  • First 7 day live help.


The Wealthy Affiliate free membership offers 2 free websites and some free training courses. When I signed up and logged in to the membership area, it became obvious that everything they promised in the article was true. I enjoyed the free lessons and got help when I needed it. Wealthy Affiliate gives you the benefits that other platforms cannot give.


The Wealthy Affiliate training opportunity gave me the chance to make the right decisions about whether or not I wanted to do this kind of business online. It gave me information about online business and insightful information as to how exactly I could run and build my own successful business online. It taught me the important issues I needed to resolve to turn a website into a business providing me with a sustainable income.

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership


Wealthy Affiliate premium membership is for someone who seriously wants to build their own business online and gives them a chance to make their online business a real success. Wealthy Affiliate never has any hidden costs. There are bits of software you can use to improve your business and speed things up, but you can manage without them in the beginning.
You will get all the online business training courses, video training courses, Keyword research tool, domain name registration, Site builder tool SiteRubix, Site Comment tool, website hosting, website 24/7 support, and a lot more, all for one price, in one place. This means it is a real one-stop-shop for your business. You do not need to register your website here, host it there, sort your security in another place, do your courses somewhere else, get your tech support somewhere else, etc.etc. etc. It is all there in one place. This saves a lot of time and time is money.


Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership


This is Wealthy Affiliate’s offer to all the people in the world, to have a genuine free membership. This opportunity can give you and anyone else in the world, looking for a way to build their own business online, a way to do it the right way. This gives anyone a chance to sign up and login to Wealthy Affiliate to learn more about how successful online business works.


This free membership allows people to have an insight into Wealthy Affiliate and go through how to use the SiteRubix to build their own website in 30 seconds. The training courses walk you through, step by step, how to build your successful business online, even if you are a beginner on the internet.

The training courses start at a beginner’s level and go up to expert level. Of course the more advanced level you go to, you will need to sign up for Wealthy Affiliate premium membership.


Affiliate Marketing Guide


Make the Right Decision and Join Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership, Now.


This also means you can take your time deciding if this is for you, whether you want to join the Wealthy Affiliate premium membership or not. No one will push you, you make up your own mind if and when you want to go “professional.” You will know if this is worth joining because you will have had direct, useful experience from your free membership.


Remember that Wealthy Affiliate is a business and although the free membership is genuinely completely free with no bank cards needed, we would love you to join our community if you are serious about “getting it right.” If you want to get everything you need to know, you will know how to make the right decision.


Once you know what Wealthy Affiliate is all about, whether it is suitable for you or not, you will also know whether or not you really want to make a career out of online business or affiliate marketing. If you feel this is not for you, you can cancel any time. If you feel this Wealthy Affiliate training is right for you. You can upgrade to WA premium membership to continue your online business journey. All the best, whichever way you go.



Why Come Back to Wealthy Affiliate?


Actually, there are some people who cancel their membership. Do you know what happens after people cancel their membership? Many come back again. They cannot find any training platform which can offer what Wealthy Affiliate offers. From the price, tools, training courses, classes, video courses, live chat, website hosting, Site SSL, website spam protect, website support, 24/7/365 tech supports and more, to the community support and encouragement.


Another reason some people leave is because they believe they can get rich overnight without “learning the ropes.” There are so many scams online promising this. Once people have learned that there is no easy way without studying, they often come back to the “real deal.”

Wealthy Affiliate is an awesome platform for small online business owners, online beginners, internet marketers and affiliates who want to learn the right way to build their online business
. It can also be an enormous help to experienced business people who want to take their business onward and upwards; to expand and create sustainable incomes. Often people have gaps in their knowledge and they can fill those gaps by doing the Premium Membership courses.



What benefits do Wealthy Affiliate Premium Members Get?


Becoming a Wealthy Affiliate premium member means that you have decided you want to become an online entrepreneur. This is a great motivation for all the online business owners. You not only need to study the online business knowledge; you also need to put it into practice. You also need to use all the knowledge you have to make the business work and make money online.

You must also have the heart to help and share with the newcomers in the community, to share the knowledge you have and how to overcome emotional blocks, what to do when you feel something is hindering your progress, how to get round technical issues with websites, blogs and affiliate marketing.


Wealthy Affiliate Community is the Best


That is the beauty of the Wealthy Affiliate community culture. You cannot find it in any other place right now, and you if you had the money, you could also not buy it. It is an awesome community. If you get stuck with any question about online business, you can ask for help within the community. Even if you get stuck with your emotions whilst studying, you also can get help and support. You will help the other members with advice and encouragement.


Let us look at Wealthy Affiliate as a scam:

  • No upsells
  • No hidden costs
  • A genuine free trial with full access to first level. (No cards needed.) Not a silly money back scam.
  • No ads
  • Genuine support and mentoring at a high level.
  • A community to support and advise you
  • Training constantly updated and adapted to the current trends on the net.
  • A complete way to build a business.
  • Hands on Owners who are constantly producing problem solving and improvement videos.
  • Community members who share their own expertise in technical matters and motivation as well as the designated training videos and the extra update videos constantly being produced.


Sorry, I Cannot See a Scam, Can You?


Well, you can always sign up for a free membership and test it out for yourself, can’t you? No bank card or other finance details needed. No time limit and genuine free courses, for nothing. Oh yes! You can have a couple of free websites with hosting to practice your learnt skills.


Affiliate Marketing Guide



I like to think that if you have read this far, you are probably thinking seriously about making money online or creating a professional blog. If you are, then you could do yourself a favour, save a lot of time and money and do it the Wealthy Affiliate way, with no scams.

If you have any Wealthy affiliate experience you would like to share, please leave your comments and positive suggestions below to help others to get the real benefits without scam.


Thank you in advance for your useful comments. I really appreciate them.







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Wealthy Affiliate is a Scam Review


  1. Tristin Autrey

    This is a great review of both a great platform and an even greater community. One of the key things I like about this platform is the idea of helping each other out. I can’t tell you how many times I have asked a question and got many responses from the community. Everyone has been honest and encouraging.

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Tristin.

      That has also been my experience.

      Apart from the normal Wealthy Affiliate training, some members post little extra training courses themselves and they are often really helpful. Tips and tricks to get round some of the issues we come across in internet business.

      We can’t be experts in everything but you can guarantee there is someone in the community who is an expert. They will often offer their help and guidance.

      The Technical Support in WA is superb. I have had a few issues with my website not behaving how it should or some irritating technical point. Tech support sorted the problems in hours. That takes some beating.

      I am glad you are enjoying Wealthy Affiliate and wish you continued good luck.

  2. Norman

    In my opinion, wealthy affiliate has the best online training there is. When you look at the community, the tools and the training you know that you are apart of something great and the good part is that you can test it before you drive it, in other words, you can try it before you invest your money. As for me, wealth affiliate is the better choice.

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Norman.

      I have to agree, but then I am biased. 

      If someone is looking for a thorough grounding in internet business, there is nothing to beat Wealthy Affiliate.

      There are other programs which offer one aspect of internet business training, Wealthy Affiliate offers almost everything.

      People can choose their own business style and create their own online business without being tied to one specific company. 

      Any problems they experience along the way are either explained in the courses or help is given by members of the community.

      What more can you ask?

  3. RichPersonality

    Yeah, wealthy affiliate is definitely the best place to start your own business online! All the tools, training, support, hosting and so on… It’s all that you will ever need to succeed. Of course, it doesn’t guarantee you success, because it’s all up to you if you succeed or not. It takes a lot of time and consistency to actually start making money with your own website.

    I really enjoy opening up wealthy affiliate and see all the success stories other members post. It gives you more motivation to actually be more productive, so you could post such stories as well!

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks for your comment and I do very much agree. There is so much quality training and amazing technical support at Wealthy Affiliate that it is obvious it is not a scam. 

      As in any business it is necessary to work hard and invest a lot of time to learn the skills and become efficient in them. 

      Although there are many success stories, there are also many members working very hard building a business who have little time to tell their own story.

  4. Aaron

    Hey HappyB, I really enjoyed reading your post about wealthy affiliate. I got to say I was confused at first because the post name is a little misleading. I’m a wealthy affiliate member myself and I can prove that they really deliver. I mean you will have to put in some work of course, but it really works and if you have any problems there are tutorials for everything or you just ask in the live chat.

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Aaron. You are absolutely right. Anything you have a problem with, there is a course or a special tutorial or another member will have some constructive suggestions.

      I have also had a few technical problems and the tech’. support are second to none. they are fast, effective and my problems sorted in hours.

      Do the courses and do the work and you will succeed.

  5. GBIG

    I agree with you Knowledge is Power and in the information age, information is king!
    I must confess that I am already a member of Wealthy Affiliate and I agree with you that the training is of a very high standard and there is LOTS of it.

    I also agree with you about a reason that some people do leave. Many people on the internet are genuinely hoping to stumble upon a “get rich quick scheme” that won’t rip them off. Unfortunately I do not know of any such programs. What I do know is that Affiliate marketing can work, but you have to work really hard to be successful at it.

    Wealthy Affiliate really does have a lovely community culture and are very kind and supportive of new people to the community. We all have different levels of knowledge after all. Thank you and good luck.

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thank you for your comment. Being an affiliate marketer is a real business and as such it needs time and knowledge to make it work. 

      The search engines know when a website is part of serious business. They can see how many articles have been written and the focus on a niche. this means that if you only play at it, it will not develop into a real business. 

      All this takes time, just like any other business.


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