How to Become Full Time WA Affiliate in 2018 and 2019

How to Become Full Time WA Affiliate

Updated: 2018

How to Become a Full Time WA Affiliate in 2018 and 2019

How to Become a Full Time WA Affiliate


You Have Two Different Ways to Become a Full Time WA Affiliate


  1. If you are already an affiliate and you also know how to promote affiliate products you can sign up to become a Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member. Wealthy Affiliate products are helping people who are beginners to become professional business people online. It is a one-stop education for you to learn, create, build, and grow until you become a professional business online. You can have your own products or, if you want to, become an affiliate, selling other people’s products and make commissions from that.
    • WA affiliate Opportunity – affiliate program commission structure:
      • Invitees: They Join WA for Free
      •  (A) Starter Member Commissions:
        • Initial $19 offer, Commission=$4
        • $49/mth, Commission=$11.25recurring
        • 359/year, Commission=$87.50 recurring


  • (B) Premium Member Commissions: (100% higher commissions!!!)
    • Credits: They Set-up their account = $1
    • Initial $19 offer, Commission = $8
    • $49/mth, Commission = $23.50 recurring
    • $359/year, Commission = $175 recurring!



If you are a premium member at WA, when you refer someone, who sets up their FREE account, you will get a credit of $1 commission. Once someone decides to set up their full account, and after the first month then almost everyone likes to stay, the commission increases. Why? Because the value, the quality of the services, the community help, and the overall positive experience offered is so good. This is the No.1 program in the world, even Harvard also cannot offer this kind of education at this PRICE.

When someone becomes a premium member in WA they are granted an initial $19 first month offer. Your commissions then will be $8.

If they pay monthly from their second month on, they start to pay $49/MTh. Then your commissions would be $23.50, recurring, each month.


yearly_commissions -affiliate-program-walkthrough


If you are a beginner at online business and you need to learn how to make a successful business online, then you are in the right place. Wealthy Affiliate would like to help you all the way to success. WA shows you the path to success although you will need to work hard to achieve your goals. So let’s get started.


Setting Your Goals


WA helps those who don’t have a lot of MONEY and helps them by setting up their own FREE account, i.e. two FREE WordPress Websites, hosting, 10 free lessons and some help for you to begin building your online business. To become a starter member, click here to achieve your goal and get yourself and your business off the ground.

When you become a WA premium member affiliate you need to set a realistic goal, to make perhaps 50, 100, or 200 or more referrals by next year.

If you make 300 unique referrals through WA in the course of this year, WA will send you to go to the “Vegas Super Affiliate Conference”.


The Las Vegas Super Affiliate Conference 2018


Good news for you this year when you make 100 referrals to WA. You will get to go to join “The Las Vegas Super Affiliate Conference”. You will need to be very proud of yourself; because you will have helped 100 people achieve their online business goals. You will have helped people at many levels of internet online business knowledge to join WA and learn, create, build and grow their online businesses.


If you can make 100 referrals you can make 300 referrals. If, every day, you make 1 referral, then after 1 year you will have made more than 300 referrals. Vegas incentive

The Highest target is “3000” sales from 1st January 2016 – 1st December 2016. If you hit that target you will get an awesome incentive, a “Rolls Royce”




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How to Become Full Time WA Affiliate

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