How To Find A Profitable Niche Market Online




How To Find A Profitable Niche Market Online


Making money on the internet depends on finding a good online niche, a niche that’s familiar, a niche that’s profitable. Here’s a niche affiliate market program online for you. Make my niche profitable. I have no ideas for a niche. Create a profitable market niche online.  A program on how to find a profitable niche.


I am going to attempt to explain what a niche is in business and how useful a niche is for affiliate marketers. It is the start of a profitable business.


niche idea


May I dispel a few myths and get at the truths behind the usefulness and importance of Niches?


Let’s find out what “Niche” means?



What Does “a Niche” Mean?




We can start with a dictionary definition. It comes from French so “Niche” can get interpreted in different ways, depending on the context.


A Niche is a hollow, shallow recess in a wall or building.


The business use, the one we use is: “an area of the market which is specialised and specific.”


The meaning of: “some place set aside that is specific and small,” is really interesting because “Niche” comes from French and Latin roots and also has the meaning of a nest. This could be somewhere small and comfortable that you feel happy in.


In affiliate marketing business we use it to define a small or narrow field of interest that we can target our marketing program at, hopefully something that is comfortable and interesting to write reviews and blogs about.



Niche Definition


  • Staying with Affiliate marketing, a niche can be:
  • an interest,
  • hobby or
  • knowledge that you already have, which you can write about,
  • something which you can understand and feel motivated to research.


Sometimes, to write good reviews or blogs, it is necessary to spend time researching and gathering facts and opinions before embarking on the writing.


If you write about your favourite niche and are going to help people, they want to know you are speaking from a position of good sound knowledge. That way, they will accept what you are saying in your blog.


You will find that doing the research and writing about your niche is easier if it is something you enjoy writing about.


Conversely if your information or opinions are not based on up-to-date information, your credibility will sink, quite rapidly.


Good content is read by many and believed.


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Why Are Niches Important?


Niches are vital because


  • We cannot all be experts in everything
  • We need to show we have some authority in our subject when we write about it.
  • There are millions of products and some very large companies promoting them. They have budgets of £millions. I am guessing you do not. You need to focus on something the bigger companies are not covering.


With a limited budget and resources, we need to focus on a small (niche) area which the big companies have overlooked. They cannot go into detail on every aspect of every product or service, so they tend to focus on broader subjects.  I will explain more later.


For us to succeed, we need to find the bits they have missed or the bits too small for them to be bothered with. Focus our energy and marketing on those niches.


Big Cheese


We need to find that slice of the cake that they are not bothering with.



Niche Theory



Find a narrow area of the market you can become an authority on which has not been swamped by the big companies. You will need to write about this niche so it may help to know something or have an interest in it.


You then need to research the key phrases within your specialist niche.


These are the words or phrases which crop up in the search engines because people are typing them in. People type in what they are interested in or what they are looking for.


Having found these words and phrases, you will need to research which ones are already “covered” by other people. If too many others have written content or blogs using your phrase, you will have a lot of competition and struggle to get your blog ranked high in the search engines.


We are looking for those “lost” slices of the market, our niche.



Why is Ranking High so Important?




When people search for something they rarely go beyond the first page. If you want people to read your article or blog, you have to get it high up in the ranking, preferably on page one.


In Affiliate marketing, this ranking high in search engines is important to enable you to sell your products or services. If no one reads about them, you will not sell any.


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Finding Your Business Niche


  1. Find a Business Niche.
  2. Find good keywords or phrases within that niche.
  3. Build a Website around the Niche.
  4. Write about your niche, good blogs or content using those keywords, which will
  5. Get your website ranked high in Google or other search engines.
  6. People visit your website, they find your articles or reviews and read them.


So finding your niche is the first step to creating a business based on affiliate marketing.


There are other parts to creating an online business. I have just outlined this part of the process to explain how a “niche” fits into the picture.


There are programs which teach you how to work through this process.



Finding Your Blogging Niche


It may be that you are not looking to make money from marketing products or services.


You may want to build a website around a specific niche to supply information or support a specific group of people. This might be


  • a specific interest or
  • hobby you have or
  • a charity or
  • a health information issue.


If you want people to find your blog and read it, you will still need a niche and relevant keywords just as much as a commercial enterprise.



Niche Affiliate Marketing Program


It is possible to build a business around this principle of Niche Affiliate Marketing.


start business


If you are interested in making a profitable business out of affiliate marketing, you will need to develop a lot of skills around the niche marketing principle.


There is a lot of competition out there. There are also a lot of products to sell and a potential market of millions of customers.


You could certainly find your niche.


Amazon loves affiliate marketers, at the moment. Remember, they cannot focus on every tiny niche in the market, so they are happy for you to do that for them.


You can build a business around a niche website and apply for Amazon Affiliate status. That means you can sell their products and claim commission without having to carry stock or having staffed offices etc.


There are other affiliate opportunities than Amazon, Lots. One other really big one is ClickBank.


There are several “Programs” on the internet where you can train up to become a Niche Affiliate Marketer.


It takes some hard work, studying and learning, about:


  • Niche marketing and a host of other things.
  • How to build a website,
  • Get it hosted, registered and make it secure.
  • Learn the different forms of marketing.
  • How to develop a niche and get traffic (visitors/readers) to your website.
  • How to scale it up, if it is a business, to increase your income.
  • How to get other people to help you.


A profitable business takes hard work and time to create, I promise you.



Niche Market Definition Business


One recommended program is Wealthy Affiliate as a Niche Affiliate Marketing program.


This program will guide you through finding a niche, developing a website around the niche and making it profitable.


They cover everything I have told you about and a lot more besides.


There is an enormous community of thousands of people willing to help and support you.


There is so much help and so many ideas and extra training, it would take me an eBook to describe it all.


There are others claiming to run similar programs but, I believe, none as good as this.


As you may have figured out. I am part of the Wealthy Affiliate community. I love it.


It has been hard work but I have learnt so much and I am still learning.


I hope I have helped you to understand what a niche is, (in business terms) and how it applies in a good Niche Affiliate Marketing Program.


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This is how to find a profitable niche market online.


You are welcome to leave a comment on your own experiences and any requests for more information.


Thank you for reading.



how to find profitable niche market online




  1. fairest prices

    Everyone should understand that each person is obliged to analyze a lot of information in order to understand which particular niche needs to be occupied.

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Finding your niche is important. People should not get hung up on it, though. e.g.
      If you choose a niche and then begin to build a business around it, you will learn some very useful and exciting skills. These can be used for any niche.
      This means that if you later change your niche, you will have learned very useful skills to apply to the new niche. None of the learning is wasted.
      Most people adapt their niche as time goes by and they become more skilled.
      At this moment, finding a profitable niche market online is not difficult; you are almost spoilt for choice.

  2. Sean Hines

    Hey there! I recently started trying to delve into the associate marketing space. I think the coolest thing niche marketing is that the sky is literally the limit. It seems that if you put enough time and effort into the business you can create a profitable associate marketing site based on any target niche. I liked that you included a section on simply building a niche blog without necessarily having the intent of marketing. That is more or less what I am trying to do with my blog. I want to focus on sharing information/advice and building a community while recommending useful programs/products along the way. Thank you for the excellent break-down of niche marketing!

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks for the comment Sean.

      I have some personal opinions on blogging which do not follow the mainstream, all the time.

      It is a skill in it’s own right. I do believe that as you do more and more, you find out how people respond, what works and what does not. You discover what people like to read and how best to present it.

      These are really good skills to bring to Reviews and serious articles. these are the things that drive traffic to a website, vlog or any social media site.

      Traffic = potential customers.

      Got to be good.

  3. jessie palaypay

    I just stared a new website and I want to know if my niche is specific enough or if I can’t get more specific. My site specializes in promoting books on entrepreneurship and my target audience is entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs looking for good reading recommendations. Did I nail it down or should I go deeper?

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Jesse.

      That kind of puts me on the spot. I think you will need to look at your content. How many reviews do you have?

      Look at the Google Analytics and see what kind of response you are getting. Are your reviews ranking on the first page of Google or other search engines.

      I know people who have websites with 100 to 500 reviews or articles. Each article is over 1000 words and they have done their SEO research and used good strong keywords.

      If you have found a niche with “low hanging fruit” then you have found a good niche.

      To answer your question more directly: I think what you need is a “Site Feedback,” rather than a comment here.

      Click on the “SiteRubix” button, then “Site Feedback.”

      Have you done the courses yet? A lot of what you are looking for is included in the courses.

      I hope this gives you some idea and enough information to continue forward.

      You may well have a good niche here but everything else needs to be in place as well. The content, SEO etc.

      Good luck and keep at it.

  4. Dave

    Hallo there,

    Thank you for the insight you have offered, within this post, for us newbie affiliate marketers. I have been in this niche thing for quite a while because I want to get a really reliable niche.

    I read somewhere that your first website should be based on a niche that you are really passionate about, and then your second should be on an evergreen one, like soap, perfumes and such like.

    What’s you take on this?

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks for your comment Dave.

      You have asked a very important question and the answer, therefore, is not quite so simple.

      Let’s take it one question at a time. I stress that this is my personal opinion and not everyone will agree.

      Should you focus on something you have a passion about?

      Yes, because it makes it easier to write content and more fun to do the research needed. It is hard work so why not enjoy it?

      Your aim is to produce high quality content in your articles and blogs. There is plenty of “not so good” content on the net.

      Should you branch out into something broader, more marketable, after your first website?

      First, let me remind you of this: your first website is never finished. It can always be added to and / or improved as your skills and fluency develop. this means that there is not a single point in the website development when you can say: “Now I’ll do my next one.”

      There is one exception to this: when the first website is making a lot money.

      The condition for branching out is more a question of confidence in your ability to write good content. Like all things, this depends on how much you write and how good your language skills were before you started.

      I can assure you that it gets easier, the more you do it.

      The Explanation.

      If you are confident about your writing skills and can comfortably write and research, plan and write good content, then what does it matter what the niche is about?

      Obviously avoid illegal or morally questionable niches.

      I do hope this helps you in your business and please do come back if there is something you would like clarified.

  5. Michael

    Hey. I’m wondering about starting a blog because I’m very interested in it, but I did not know what to write about. I had no idea what a niche is, but now I know who I want to help. It is not complicated as it seemed. Do you think that the blog with phone accessories reviews will be good?

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Hi Michael.

      It is not whether the subject is interesting. It is about the quality of the blog.

      There are so many millions of people on the net, there are bound to be people interested in phone accessories.

      Become an expert so that people go to you for advice and clarification.

      Hope this helps.

      Good luck Michael in your business.

  6. Darren

    I always hear that any niche can be profitable, but is that really true? Surely some are way to competitive, or others not many people are interested in.

    Narrowing the niche down is good advice, so long as there is still a decent sized market.

    Do you think anything in the make money online category is still worth doing? Or is it just way too saturated?

    1. HappyB (Post author)


      You make a very valid point about the “Niche.”

      Here are a few statistics to bear in mind:

      There are over 320 million people in the U.S.A. / 65 Million in the U.K.

      How many of the 385 million are on the net and sometimes buy products or services?

      Amazon alone has reputedly over 350 million products, all sold over the internet.

      How many of those products are fully described and reviewed? (I do not have that stat to hand but it is only a small fraction of them.)

      Amazon is only one of the affiliate related companies. Add in Click Banks and the numbers climb again.

      Retail is dying slowly and the activity on the net and mobile phones is soaring.

      Yes I think there is plenty of room for us to make a few $ or £ in the internet business.

      Yes, we can find profitable niches, just maybe not exactly what we think of first time around. It takes some time and research.

      Keyword tools for research are invaluable in helping us find the good niches.

      I know someone who only sells garden sheds of over £2000 price.

      She sells over 25 a year of the cheapest ones. A turnover of $50,000. All through the internet.

      I really think that profitable niches are there.

      Another aspect is the fact that a lot of content and reviews are really not good quality. Do better ones and you will get the ranking and get the customers.

      Saturated? I think we are not even scratching the surface.

      There are over 200,000 million Chinese and Indians with a rapidly growing middle class with money to burn.

      I like to give the reasons for my opinions, not just say them. I hope this has given you some hope and I sincerely hope you are successful in your own enterprise.

      Kyle and Carson believe in helping each other, in building relationships with our colleagues and customers. Interesting that “Alibaba” says the same thing. (See Taubau and Aliexpress and Alibaba group.) He is one of the richest internet entrepreneurs in the world and cannot program a computer to save his life.

      I hope I have helped you a little.


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