How to Start a Free Blog and Make Money

How to Start a Free Blog and Make Money

How to Start a Free Blog and Make Money – 2021 (Step-By-Step Guide for beginners) 


Quite a lot of people do not know how to start a free blog? Which one is the best free blog platform? How do you make money with a blog? How do you create a WordPress blog within 30 seconds? How do you share your blog on Facebook? how do you get your blog to rank high on Google? Etc…


It is great that we can use the internet, and share thoughts, ideas and great information with people all over the globe who share an interest in blogging.


I love blogging very much. I can learn along the way while making money at the same time. The internet is a new thing to some people but not to everybody. We all come from different backgrounds and different reasons to start blogging.


It is never too late to learn something new and develop your skills by sharing on your blog.  You can allow yourself to turn your skills or hobby into a “making money blog. “


Getting Started


Here is a free, easy and fast way to get started. You also can get free training (Phase 1), 2 free websites and free hosting. Do not worry too much about the “how?” since this is Step-by-step guide will help you to start a free blog. This is the world’s #1 platform. I use it myself. I heard of it by word of mouth. You can check out my Wealthy Affiliate University review before you join.


To get started you need to have your email address and create a free account. To get started on a free blog(website,) follow this Step-by-Step Guide for beginners. Get Started Now, It’s Free!


How to Start a Free Blog and Make Money



As a free member, what benefits can you get? The image, below, will show you. Become a premium member and you will get tons of benefits which you cannot get from any other platform.


type Monthly Payment Yearly payment Links
Free Member 0 0 Free to Join Link
Premium Member Premium Member Monthly price $49.00 Premium Member Yearly price $495.00 Premium Member Link
Premium Member Plus+ Premium Member Plus+ Monthly price £99.00 Premium Member Plus+ Yearly price $995.00 Premium Member Plus+ Link



Before getting started I also would like to show you the price structure. Joining as a free member, you do not need to pay. No credit card details or bank details are requested.


There is no time limit on how long you remain a free member.

 Only when join as a premium member do you need to pay. There are no hidden prices. See the prices below.


Free Member : Free to Join

Premium Member

First month offer $19/month

$19÷30day=$0.633 per day

2nd month onward $49/month

$49÷30day=$1.633 per day

$495/yearly pay

$359÷12÷30day=$1.50 per day

Black Friday Offer to All the Members $299/year

$299÷12÷30day=$0.83 per day

If You Want to Buy Your Own Domain Website You Need to Pay by Yourself.  

$13.99/per year for one domain website

Premium Member Plus+ 

Premium Member Plus+ Monthly Price $99.00

Premium Member Plus+ Yearly Price $995.00

No Hidden Price for any bloggers

how to start a free blog and make money


I totally understand what you afraid of. Quite a lot of internet companies have hidden prices.


After you join their company, on the way, there are hidden things you have to pay for. If you get conned into joining cheap and then find other essential things you have to pay for, sometimes it can make you decide to stop or change what you want to do. It can be confusing and you may wonder; “When will it end? When will I have paid enough?” Here, there are no hidden prices. If you go pro, there are a few bits of software which make life easier and save you a lot of time. You do not need them in the beginning and anyway, there are really good free versions to help you get started.




Setting Up a free blog in 30 seconds


A free blog maker? Yes, I used it to get myself going and see if it was something I could really enjoy. Once you are inside the WA area, you will see, on the left hand side, a bar. Click the “Websites” to get started building your first free blog (website) easily and quickly within 30 seconds. There is still some work to be done but there it is created, ready for you to follow the instructions and create your own masterpiece.

Free blog platforms vary in quality, a lot. This one is pure quality.



How to Start a Free Blog and Make Money



After you click it, it will show you another page.


How to Start a Free Blog and Make Money



Site Manager – To show all the websites you have and give you access to your websites. From here you can also monitor your website health. See how it is doing and what needs attention.


Site Builder – This tool helps you to quickly get started building up your blog (website) in 30 seconds.


Site Domains – You can find your own special domain name if it is still available and register it, it is the tool to help you manage your domains.


Site Content – Very useful tool to help you write content, Statistics and goals, which means you can set your writing goals, words count and publish your article goals. You can get free images and grammar collection. Also provided is a video to walk you through how “Site Content” works. It is an awesome tool you have here. In fact, anything you are unsure of or have never done before, you can rest assured there is at least one video course on how to do it.


Site Comments –  You can get comments on your pages and posts. This helps your ranking in search Engines. (S.E.O.)


Site Feedback – You can get feedback on your websites and see how you are doing and what improvements are suggested.


Site Support – You also get technical support for your websites. This has got to be the fastest, most efficient technical help I have ever known. I have had “impossible” problems at times; solved in hours by tech support.


All the tools above are at SiteRubix. You can use them all to help you. You have 1 free blog (website) to use. Have fun.


Building a blog (website) you need to click “Site Builder,” then it will show you another page.


You have 4 steps to go. Business has many industries and you will need to decide what industry you want to associate with. You will need to find a good niche and make money on your blog (website.) This is a very important step.  (Yes! There are courses on how to do that.)


  • you click on a “free domain”.


  • You need to choose a domain name for your website, (also “your-website-name”.)


  • Type your website name with space. For example “My Website Name”


  • Choose a design for your website which means you can choose the theme template you like. WordPress has” Themes” which are off the peg forms which you can use (and change later,) to suit yourself.


That is all. You have set up your website.



How to Use Your Blog


SiteRubix is great website builder tool. 30 seconds and you have set up your WordPress blog (website). You have a theme you have chosen and can start to set up your pages and posts.


Luckily, in Wealthy Affiliate Free course (phase 1,) the video lessons will walk you through how to add pages/posts, images, menus,  and navigate your blog (website,) step by step without skipping anything. 


Customize your blog


A free blog maker is really useful. A free quality blog maker is gold dust.


You can design and customize your blog (website) appearance. WordPress has tons of free themes or templates. You can choose the colour and design you like and also can change the design, colour and layout if you need to. If you want to learn more skills and benefits, get yourself to the high level of “pro” and please join as a Wealthy Affiliate premium member.


Start Your Online Business



Writing your blog pages and posts


Writing good content on your blog(website) pages and posts will benefit your reader. Content is the posts and reviews you will write for people to read. Writing good quality and relevant pages and posts can attract readers to read your content and get them to share your content with their friends or other readers.



Get traffic to your blog


“Traffic” means people who visit your website.


“Keywords” or “Key-phrases” are words which people use to search on the search engines. Good ones are Keywords which are often put in to searches.


“Content” is a word for the articles and reviews that you will put into your website, depending on your “niche.”


A Niche” is a specialist area that you are focusing on as your main area of interest.


“WordPress” is a system of building websites using “off-the-peg” themes which is very useful and quick for beginners and professionals alike.


Writing good quality and useful content for your blog(website) pages and posts is still not good enough for you to get traffic to your blog(website). You will need to have “keywords” in the articles title, sub-title, meta description, your title tags. Longer articles for your pages and posts will rank higher in Google. When your blog (website) ranks higher in Google, on the first page, your blog (website) will get traffic.


There is a lot in this paragraph which may be new to you. Remember that there are courses on all these things and they will very quickly become familiar to you as you get into the business.


“Traffic” and “Keywords” are crucial to your success, whether you are making a blog for fun or for money.



Make money from your blogging


How to make money from your blog(website)? There are so many ways to get “traffic” to your blog. Writing “content” is good and a free way to get traffic from the Google search engine. You just need to write helpful and quality articles for your readers which will keep your readers coming back.


Also, sharing your blog (website) on Facebook, twitter, Google+ and other social media will spread the word and help draw more traffic to your site.


The more readers you have, the more chance there is of you earning money from advertising, affiliate marketing etc.


When writing content, a keyword tool will be very useful to help you find good keywords in just seconds. It will help save you a lot of time. You can then focus on writing more content for your blog (website.) You can use the wealthy affiliate free keyword tool to help you find the keywords. You can read this article to help you understand what a keyword tool is.  Remember, there is a course on everything in Wealthy Affiliate.

Happy Blogging.


Start Your Online Business







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