The Power of Positive Thinking Review

The Power of Positive Thinking Review



The Power of Positive Thinking Review

Positive Attitude


Positive attitude and negative attitude are twins. They are always fighting each other. The negative is stronger than the positive. They both live with you and are part of your life. You are the owner of your attitude. In real life, you cannot control when you will be born. You cannot choose your father, mother, and family members. You cannot choose where you want to be born, but you can control your attitude in life. You cannot change other people, but you can change yourself. You, I and he/she are all not different, but we differ in our attitude towards life. If we make a positive attitude our friend, our lives will become easier, happier and more successful. Do you know any successful people who have a negative attitude? No! Let’s be positive.


It is Easy to Get


In everyday life we often face adversity. we all need to face different adversities, such as living, illness, old age, death, war, family changes, environmental changes, natural disasters, accidents and so on. Everyone has to face making mistakes. When you find yourself at this point, a positive attitude and persistence will help you to move on from this situation. Complaining and anger only make things worse. Keep calm and remember have a positive attitude.


Power of Confidence life is full of competitions. From competing with time to the Olympic competitions, we compete with family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and many more. Ultimately, we constantly compete with ourselves. We compete physically, mentally and emotionally. When you do not succeed as you want to, then it is possible to lose confidence. When you then start something new, your loss in confidence can affect your future success or failure. You are less likely to succeed if you lack confidence and you expect failure. If, however you persist and have a positive attitude and expect success, you are much more likely to succeed. The confidence comes first before the success.


Power of Action


In order to succeed and be the best you can be, you have to take action. Thinking and planning are fine but you have to do something so that you either fail or succeed. It all starts with a dream, then we make a plan then we take action. Taking action is the power behind all success. this, of course, means there will inevitably be some failures. These failures are the lessons we learn on way to success. No action means no failure and no success. Often, the most successful people have failed big time several times in their lives. Action is power.


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Power of Constancy


Doing something once is often easy. Doing something very well is harder. Doing something very well and constantly is extremely difficult and needs constant practice, patience, a positive attitude, a never-give-up spirit and you must love doing it all the time. In the end you will become an expert. The process of succeeding also needs strong willpower. Nothing is unachievable, if you do it repeatedly. It will lead you on to the path of success. It is really worth making an all-out effort. After all this effort, things get easier as your confidence and skills improve.


Power of Tolerance


Everyone’s life is different and not easy. We all have different issues in life. We might have happiness, sadness, illness, old age, loss of family, giving, death, failure, success… in life. However, tolerance is a virtue. People need tolerance, it helps you get respect. It is like a candle in the dark night brightening everyone’s soul.

People are not perfect and we all need to make mistakes in order to learn. It is possible to get more out of people if you are understanding, tolerant and encouraging. After all, we all make mistakes. Sometimes people may surprise you in their abilities when treated in a humane and tolerant way.


Simple Things Can Lead to


Surprising things can make people happy. It might be a frog in the hand, a Cherry Blossom flower, an email from a friend or a baby’s smile. It varies from person to person and from situation to situation.


It depends on a person’s experience in life and the memories we all have.


Joy can be found in the rain and the sunshine, the country and the city, in the hubbub and the silence. What makes us happy is often a mystery and if anyone could find the formula for eternal happiness they could make a lot of money. Fortunately, we are a cornucopia of memories and emotions so that in a given situation, at a given time, we find so many different ways to be happy.


Whether in sleeping, counting money or watching children play, it is always a simple little thing that starts the twitch which begins the smile. What makes you happy?


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The Power of Positive Thinking Review

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