What Is Vorwerk?

What Is Vorwerk

What Is Vorwerk?


Vorwerk is an amazing company with great products. Vorwerk, the MLM is good, but can Vorwerk survive the competition. Can Vorwerk compete with modern products?


Product Name: Vorwerk

Website: https://corporate.vorwerk.com/en/uk/ / https://kobold.vorwerk.co.uk/career/


Price: Free to join direct sales force

Owner: International company with subsidiaries.

Ranking: 75/100


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What is the Vorwerk Overview


Vorwerk is a large multinational company with subsidiaries all over the world.


Vorwerk was established in Germany over 130 years ago and primarily focussed on high quality vacuum cleaners. They were not successful until they began marketing directly through demonstrations.


There are 3 main groups of products in Vorwerk:


  1. Kobold which handles the vacuum cleaners
  2. Thermomix which handles high quality kitchen appliances
  3. Jaffra, which handles the health and beauty products.


There are a lot of quality websites and wealth of information on the above websites so I will not repeat it all for you.


I will attempt to give you just a short summary.


I really like the Vorwerk image but I feel that there is much more flexibility in Affiliate marketing.



What is Vorwerk About?


Vorwerk markets a range of products and appears to do this through both direct sales and online marketing.


Vorwerk has an ethos of openly declaring the kind of people they like to have working for them and as direct sales people.


In Vorwerk, each strand of products is marketed separately?


  1. Kobold Vacuums
  2. Themomix kitchen appliances
  3. Jaffra health and beauty.


If you want to market a Vorwerk product, you will have to choose which range to sell.


What Is Vorwerk


This is from the Vorwerk USA website.


They stress that the Vorwerk training is very high quality and you will be trained up thoroughly in the products you sell.


They claim that you can organise your own schedules and plan your working week in a way you see fit.


What Is Vorwerk



The sales in Vorwerk are based on demonstrations and are not high pressure.


The Vorwerk products are high quality but not cheap.


Vorwerk profess a professional approach to everything and like their sales people to be passionate about the area they are working in, as you can see from the UK based carter promotion above.


It appears that once you are trained and have experience in Vorwerk’s products, you can rise to “manager” status and probably benefit from sales of the people you manage.


This is not the traditional approach to MLM. The way Vorwerk do it is much better. They focus on selling product and not recruiting.



What Does Vorwerk Do


Apart from marketing a range of quality products, Vorwerk has investments in a wide range of other businesses, in many countries in the world.


I am not going to go in to detail because this is about an MLM opportunity.


I am reminded of Kirby vacuum cleaners, when I see the Kobold Vorwerk ones. Heavy duty, well made and very expensive.


I do wonder how Kobold Vorwerk stands up to the new Dysons. They are lightweight, cordless and very efficient.


The Vorwerk Thermomix kitchen appliances are superb. I wonder how they stack up to Magimix and some of the top of the range other makes. Both Vorwerk Thermomix and Magimix are versatile and have records of being long-lasting.



What is the Good in Vorwerk


Although Vorwerk is in direct sales, they focus on


  • Ability
  • Enthusiasm
  • Quality products
  • Selling products, not recruiting.
  • Vorwerk direct marketers sell through demonstration of the products.


What Is Vorwerk


Jaffra Consultants in Vorwerk are among 500,000 in 18 different countries. This is selling Vorwerk’s health and beauty products.


What Is Vorwerk


If you really can set your own sales targets, then there is only pressure you place on yourself to be active. This does mean Vorwerk sales people can genuinely be flexible in their plans.


My own feeling is that, with the right training, you can use affiliate marketing to promote any product you like. You can learn how to do that here.


Vorwerk certainly appear to support their sales people very well. Because Vorwerk base their activity on sales, not recruitment, they come across as ethical and supportive.



What is the Bad in Vorwerk?


The products are expensive.


You are limited to their range of products.


They also sell online so the direct sales people do not have a monopoly.


I can imagine that it will take a while to build up your product knowledge and make your first sales. Income from Vorwerk may take a while to come through.


Note comparisons with Magimix and Dyson products because Vorwerk products are good but maybe not when compared with these other Titans of appliances.



Who is Vorwerk for?


If you have a passion for Health or cooking or domestic cleanliness, Vorwerk is probably one of the best companies to join.

Vorwerk has some very good product training and will support you in building your own business.



Who is Vorwerk not for?


  • If you prefer to stay at home and build your business.
  • If you prefer to be able to change the products or services you offer
  • If you prefer to follow market trends.


Then Affiliate marketing may be better.



What are the Tools and Training in Vorwerk?


Vorwerk have really been using direct sales for many years and they are efficient and professional about it.


There is a lot of good training and support in the company for anyone embarking on s career or business with them.



What are the Pricing and Upsells in Vorwerk?


It is free to join Vorwerk. As far as I could see, there are no sneaky upsells, it is not in the ethos of the company to do that.



Vorwerk, What are the Pros and Cons


This a difficult assessment because Vorwerk is a large company with apparent high levels of quality in their products and training.


They want people who are:


  • Motivated
  • Creative
  • Hard working.


Personally, I like Vorwerk for that.


Vorwerk charges nothing to join them but they do need you to apply with some background and motivational thoughts as to what you want to do.


I like that.


My issues with Vorwerk are that they have products which lend themselves to affiliate marketing in today’s world, not direct sales.


The range of products you can sell in Vorwerk is limited. This means that when the products you are selling become superseded by something better and cheaper, you are stuck in a diminishing market.


The world of “retail” is changing so fast and peoples core purchasing methods are rapidly changing.


The immediate reaction to being presented with something new, these days, is to look it up on the internet. I think you can guess the rest.


Health and beauty and the kitchen appliances in Vorwerk, have a better chance for the future.



Vorwerk Scam or no Scam


Vorwerk is definitely not a scam.


Product Name: Vorwerk

Website: https://corporate.vorwerk.com/en/uk/ / https://kobold.vorwerk.co.uk/career/


Price: Free to join direct sales force

Owner: International company with subsidiaries.

Ranking: 75/100



Verdict: Vorwerk Recommended or Not?


I do recommend Vorwerk with the reservations above.


This review is my personal opinion based on some years of experience and a lot of really excellent training. I have made mistakes and I have learnt some expensive lessons. Those lessons have usually been due to believing the emotional hype that is used by unscrupulous people.


If you have experienced similar problems, especially with the program reviewed here, please do comment. We welcome honest views of all kinds.


If you are interested in a genuine free trial of an excellent training platform, click the button below. No obligation.


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What Is Vorwerk



  1. noel

    hello how do I join this business?

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Hi Noel.
      If you check the beginning of the article, you will see the web site links to the company.

      Hope this helps.

  2. Todd

    This is a good read, Though I am not a fan normally of MLM type companies since they usually only recruit and not provide a decent product in return.

    This Vorwerk however seems like they have a good business model even though they are an MLM, the fact that they want to sell the products instead of just a membership is good and being able to join for Free validates that.

    I agree with you about Affiliate Marketing, I think it is just a better business model and partly because of the reasons you listed like being able to change the products you promote, following market trends and so on.

    Nice Detailed Review


    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks for the comment Todd.

      Vorwerk does seem to come across in a good light.

      I much prefer the focus on product sales, like in affiliate Marketing.

      I would encourage anyone wanting to get into business, to have a go through Wealthy affiliate. It is, in my experience, the best training on the net and the best genuine free trial to start you off.

      As you say, with affiliate marketing there are so many products to sell and you do not need to buy one of them yourself.

  3. Sophia

    This is a great opportunity to a person who has a motivated, sales driven mindset. I think it might be a little more challenging for say, an introvert to go out there and sell beauty products OR vacuum cleaners.

    My question is, do they give you leads? Or are you expected to cold call or figure out how to find customers yourself. I suppose that is the tricky part but then again to an extroverted person, it might be a cinch!

    I can see how this could translate into an affiliate site online however, to attract customers looking for high quality cleaning products and beauty products. 

    You didn’t mention what the usual percentage of sale take home pay? Is it 50% of the sale or more like amazon, like 5%? 

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks for your comment and questions Sophia. Some I can answer and some I cannot.

      You are right, this is not a business for everybody, selling directly to the public. Some people really love it.

      The leads; I do not know how they sort that out. I believe they train their distributors well and part of the training is how to get demonstration appointments. Say for example you ring a singles group or a sewing club and say “I am demonstrating a new super powered, all walking talking cleaner and would like your feedback on how good you think it is. Can I steal an hour of your time, I’ll bring some biscuits and a prize for the best feedback review?”

      It does not have to be an arm twisting sales session.

      Sales is a numbers game. Demonstrate the product to 20 people, 1 will buy. Get organised with demonstration’s

      I am not saying you should call Vorwerk up tomorrow, but it is a professional company. I cannot imagine they are a hard sales company.

      I do not know what the commissions are and that will vary from country to country.

      If you are curious. send them an email..

  4. Carolyn

    Your articles are well written and informative. Vorwerk is not something I know about but I believe you did well in explaining what it is and the benefits of joining.

    I am a new member of Wealth Affiliates. It is a great learning program and I think you did a good job of telling people exactly how it is by far the best teaching platform out there for affiliate marketing.

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Carolyn.

      Vorwerk is a bit of an anomaly. they sell a few ranges of disparate ranges, vacuums and beauty products. Their products are excellent and they have typically marketed them through direct sales and demonstrations.

      Like you, I would prefer to sit at my PC, a cup of coffee on hand, and tell the world how to make money online.

      Good luck with your projects.

      A always tell newbie WA members: Remember to ask for help when you need it. Do all the training and implement each section. fill your website(s) up with good content and you will succeed.

      It is not rocket science and it takes time and it works. 

  5. Chris

    Thank you for the information on the company Vorwerk. I am from the US and I am not familiar with them. I do believe that a lot of folks today are always looking for extra ways to make extra money.

    I was not clear on the process of how the company works.

    Do you go door to door? Do you have to buy the products or do you get a sample to demonstrate? I look forward to your reply. 

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Hi Chris, Thanks for your comment.

      I cannot imagine that a Vorwerk distributor would go door to door with their vacuum cleaner.

      My understanding is that they train their distributors up in the product and how to effectively demonstrate it.

      With support from the company, the distributor organises demonstrations of the products. This might be to clubs, groups of people or even in someone’s home.

      I do not know if you have to buy the product sample yourself. I doubt it.

  6. Rachel

    Whenever I was searching for an affiliate marketing site, I never came across this one. It didn’t show up on the popular results & I can see why. The competition is large for this industry.

    Not having cheap products can be hard for someone starting out to sell. Not many people would trust your review on the products.

    So Vorwerk picks the products for you & you have to sell it? I’ve never heard of that tactic before.

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Rachel.

      I think I may have mislead you there. Vorwerk does not pick the products a distributor sells. The potential distributor selects the product range they want to work in. Vorwerk trains them up in how to demo the product and how they work. The distributor organises demonstrations in clubs, organisations, people’s homes etc.

      You are spot on with the price angle if you were selling a range of products. Selling just the one means you will come across as an expert in that one product.

      Good luck with your own projects Rachel

  7. Theresa

    What I don’t understand about this company (and many other MLM businesses) is the mix of products. They sell vacuum cleaners and health/beauty products?

    It seems like they’re just creating products in popular markets whether they blend together as an understandable brand or not. I might be put off by a vacuum salesman who tries to sell me face cream.

    I think I’ll follow you and stick with affiliate marketing at least for now. I do like the idea of trying to sell MLM products through a website and using affiliate marketing strategies.

    Do you know if that works with any of the current brands or products? I really love Beachbody products, but I don’t think they’re as strong as they once were.

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Hi Theresa. Thanks for the comment.

      You are right, there is a strange mixture and even looking back at the history of the company, I could not see a reason for it.

      I know their company product training is extensive and distributors focus on one product / product range. I assume that with the right training in how to demonstrate and how to get demonstrations or parties going, there is enough money to be made just working in the one product range. That seems to be how they have worked in the past.

      Some of their products are now on the net but you can link to a local distributor for a demo if you want to.

      As for MLM products through he net, I have not come across that combination myself. The internet is enormous, though and it could well be out there.

      I was thinking along the lines of videos demonstrating the specific products.

      I have seen Beachbody Products on the net. I think they would be easier to market than Vorwerk’s vacuum cleaners.

  8. Andrea

    This sounds like an interesting MLM business.

    I’m really not into the MLM business but I always say that it may work for some people, I just couldn’t get the hang of it.  

    Thanks for the great review on this company. This article was very well detailed and explained, I’m sure there are many people out there looking for a good MLM company to join. 

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Andrea.

      Someone complained to me and said Vorwerk was not an MLM company, it was a direct sales company and I think I must consider that difference.

      Vorwerk do train their distributors up well in the one product and then expect them to get out doing demonstrations. they also reward recruitment, so I think they are a cross between a Disrect Sales and MLM.

      It is not a job for everyone and, like you, I prefer to sit at home on my PC and generate business through the internet.

  9. Jurgen

    Never heard about this company, but they do seem to have high quality products. I think it is a good opportunity for people who are willing to go out and give demonstrations. Too bad that they also sell their products online, which makes it a bit harder for the sales persons.

    Personally this is not something for me, as I would rather build an online business from home.

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Jurgen.

      I agree with you. The products are good but because they are sold online, the element of the demonstration is omitted and maybe the sales will be harder to make.

      Perhaps demonstrations will swing back into popularity, but in the meantime, we are buying more and more directly through the internet.

      Building an online business is definitely in a growth area, so good luck and thanks for the comment.

  10. Emmanuel Buysse

    This is something completely new to me, I had never heard of Vorwork and his functions, it has called me attention in terms of the service it provides, I think it is quite professional and functional.

    I believe that the good writing of this type of articles is of vital importance so that we who don´t know anything of the subject, we can give us an idea for what it is and how we can use it. And in this article I have found it excellent.Thanks for the info.

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Emmanuel.

      I hope you have found something useful in the article.

      I do try to give an accurate review of the company and what they do.

      I know I always look at reviews before I buy anything these days.

      Information is power.

  11. Lauren Kinghorn

    Hi HappyB, Thanks for introducing me to an interesting new company.  I also hadn’t heard of Vorwerk before but I guess it’s because I don’t live in Europe or the USA (I’m in South Africa).  I’ve been involved with Network Marketing, Direct Selling and Affiliate Marketing – and enjoyed all three, for different reasons. 

    From what you’re describing, it seems that Vorwerk uses a Direct Selling model rather than MLM or Network Marketing.  In MLM, you have always have a personal monthly purchase requirement which doesn’t seem to be the case here.  Direct Selling companies usually focus more on sales than recruitment and restrict their agents to an area.   

    I’d be cautious about lumping all companies in the category of MLM if that’s not what it is. Particularly noting your comment at the end about lessons you’ve learned and emotional hype used by unscrupulous people. This sounds very much like the hype I’ve seen at certain MLM meetings (though not all MLM companies operate like this).  

    I haven’t seen the same kind of hype at Direct Selling companies.  I feel your comments may be a little unfair to companies like Vorwerk as I’m almost certain they don’t use any of these tactics.  The Direct Selling model is very different.  Have you ever been to a Tupperware party?

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Lauren.

      Last question first; yes I had a good friend who was  a trainer and party organiser many years ago and she was really good. People would come to the parties out of loyalty to the host(ess) and would buy a little item. Others would come to stock up on their Tupperware containers etc. Everyone seemed to enjoy the party atmosphere and I always felt the organisers were professional and supportive. The same with Avon.

      There are definite good sides to Vorwerk, especially the quality of their products and their excellent training.

      I put them in the category of MLM because there is a definite pressure to recruit, albeit to demonstrations / parties.

      I have no problem with MLMs as a marketing method if it is possible to make a living selling the product.

      Unfortunately, with most MLMs it is not possible.

      I also distinguish a major difference between an MLM and a Pyramid scheme where there is no product and it is what I call a “money game.”

      Maybe working on the internet for a while has made me cautious and cynical. 

      The problem comes with defining an MLM exactly. All selling is a form of Multi Level Marketing, from a manufacturer to the end user.

      Perhaps it may seem a little harsh following a review of Vorwerk. It is not a reflection on the company itself but a reaction to experiences with MLMs in general.

      Thanks again for you detailed and perceptive comment.

  12. Chris


    Thank you so much for such an insightful review! I love learning about new network marketing companies! I am glad to see one that focuses on pushing product!

    If a network marketing company focuses on pushing product then you know they are legit! I was wondering do you know if their policy allows for people to sell products online? If so, then you could easily incorporate their products into a website writing reviews and selling them (same as affiliate marketing)!

    I think I might check them out!

    All the Best,


    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Chris.

      I have had the same feeling myself.

      Good companies with good products should be moving into modern ways of selling.

      Vorwerk has a really good support system. You should ask them.

      Would you come back and tell us the result? I would love to know.

      Do be aware that their vacuum cleaner is quite heavy do postage could be prohibitive. Maybe they would drop-ship them?

  13. Livia

    This is very interesting! But I must say that MLMs are not for me. I’d much prefer to stay home and work. It’s easier for me for personal reasons. I’ve had other scam MLMs call me when I was looking for a job. I turned them down.

    The world needs to know which companies are scams. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      You are right Livia, there are some awful scams out there and especially on the internet.

      Vorwerk is not a scam but it is an MLM company. It is possible that this form of marketing has had its day and people are changing their shopping habits quite rapidly. Even groceries can be ordered online and delivered to your home, so it does make MLMs look like very hard work.

      There is something to be said for the person to person contact, though.

      I think reviews online are more enticing if they appear to be written in a chatty friendly way.

      What do you think?

  14. Nicki V

    This company sounds a lot like Rainbow vacuums.  That was the first ever MLM I had ever joined.  It was high end vacuums that promised you to move up to manager after your week long training.  But they did focus a lot on recruiting which I didn’t like. 

    I had never heard of Vorwerk before, but I guess if you want the stability of a long lasting company, and don’t mind selling a short range of products, then it would be good for you. 

    Not really my style though.  Do you know what the commissions are like with this company?

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      I think Rainbow was a similar range of products and might have been a previous brand name.

      The reason for limiting the product range in Vorwerk, is that they train you extensively in the product and how to market it, how to demonstrate it. They suggest that if you are doing things right, you do not need any other product. You will make enough money from selling that one.

      I do not know exactly what the commissions are and I believe they vary from country o country.

      Such things as import taxes and value added taxes play a role there.

      Their support system is very good. Maybe you could contact them directly and ask them?

      I would be interested to hear if you get to know?

  15. Loes

    Thanks HappyB, I have heard of Jaffra. I went to a home party once. A friend of mine, has a beauty salon, and is connected with a similar company.

    She is doing very well in the MLM business. I think it’s important to have a steady customer circle around you to be able to succeed. And the opportunity to promote and sell the products in your own company as a professional.


    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Hi Loes,

      Thanks for the comment.

      You are right, MLM can be right for the right environment and the right kind of person.

      Attitudes to MLM vary a lot. It seems to be popular in USA and S. America.

      It is not easy in the UK and we have some laws that restrict direct selling.

      In China, it is almost illegal.

      I do think if you are a person with a large group of people you meet regularly, you can become the person who supplies goods from an MLM company.

      Recruitment then becomes secondary and that is healthier, I believe.

      Everyone to their own choices.

      There are some good MLMs, like Vorwerk and some bad ones, which shall remain anonymous.

  16. Sukumar Thingom

    I have heard of the company Vorwerk but never ever bothered to find out more details on it. So, this article has been timely. Looks like a good opportunity to earn great income through direct sales. But I did not like the fact that they have a limited product range and they are mostly priced on the higher side.

    But like I said, it nevertheless, is a good opportunity for energetic people who are more into direct sales. Can a person from India enter into direct sales?

    Thanks for an informative post.

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Sakumar.

      That last question is a good one.

      If you go to their main website, you will see a list of the countries they have distributors in.

      I would think India would be a good place to start, quite honestly, because you have such a large population and a wide demographic there.

      I would be interested in hearing from you if you are successful it could be very interesting.

      I suppose the main issue for them is the import into India of the products. They would have to have a distribution centre carrying a wide range of their stock.

  17. Kit

    Vorwerk is a very solid Group, with different divisions and businesses (vacuum cleaners, banks, cosmetics, carpets…).

    It is a family Company and there are many family values in it. There are many people who have worked in Vorwerk for many years. I think it is a strong company.

    Their vacuum cleaner is interesting and I think it is not difficult to promote their products.

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      I think you are right Kit, one of the best run and friendliest of the MLMs.

      Vorwerk’s training is based first and foremost on their products. When you demo one of their products, you really know the product, what it can do and how to show it off to it’s best.

      I do think they have some serious competition from Dyson and other new vacuum cleaner companies which are focussing on


      cordless and

      ease of use in their new products.

      The future will tell, though.

  18. Susan

    I had never heard of Vorwork, but I agree, I would much prefer to go affiliate than mlm.

    Have you used this vaccum? Is it heavy like a Kirby? I’ve used a Kirby for years and I hate it. I definitely need a newer machine, but the cost had deferred me so far.

    Great review by the way!

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Susan.

      Yes, they are heavy. Not as heavy as a Kirby but definitely heavier than the modern Dyson type of vacs.

      I do believe that MLMs and parties have had their day.

      People spend so much time socialising on the net these days that the concept of all meeting up at a neighbour’s for coffee, cakes and a demo of a vacuum cleaner does not fit people’s idea of fun any more.

      Dyson leads the way and the other major manufacturers are quick to follow.

      You might well find similar portable devices by other makers a bit cheaper.


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