How to Set up Your Own WordPress Website Free

How to Set up Your Own WordPress Website Free


How to Set up Your Own WordPress Website Free

How to set up your own WordPress website free and in the correct way? Here, if you are a beginner, I am going to guide you, to step by step, simply and easily, in how to set up a website for your own small online business. Before getting started, you need to ask yourself, what would you like to do most? What is your specialty? What kind of things do you love to do all the time? You can turn your passion in to your own personal niche. Then turn your niche into your domain name. Wealthy Affiliate is the one-stop program for you. Learn how to learn to set up your domain name, create your WordPress website, get your website hosted, learn the courses and build your own small business online.



1. Choose Your Domain Name Free and Get Free Hosting



If you are not sure what to do, this is a good opportunity for you to get a good start. Join as a free member of Wealthy Affiliate and you can set up 2 free websites and get free hosting from Wealthy Affiliate. You also can enjoy 10 free lessons and 7 days of 1-to-1 from the owner of WA, Kyle or another successful professional who will guide you through the basics you need to know. This is such a useful way to get started and avoid a lot of the beginner’s problems. It will also give you the confidence to continue.


Create Your Own Website Free


2. Choose Your Own Independent Domain Name, (Paid for, But With Free Hosting.)



If you seriously want to build your online business, then becoming a Wealthy Affiliate Premium member will benefit you enormously. As a Wealthy Affiliate Premium member you will benefit from free hosting for your websites. Premium members can have up to 25 of your own websites and 25 SiteRubix (FREE) websites hosted.


For your long-term online business plan, I highly recommend you choose your own domain; the price is often below $15 per year. This does vary according to the name and how special it is. Generally “.com” websites are around the $15 per year.






Then Build Your Websites


These days, you do not need to know any code to build a website. You can create your own website and make it look like a real professional one. If you have no idea what to self, and would like a little help: you can click here.


Create Your Own Website Free


Create Contents


Content is the articles you write on various subjects. These should be relevant to your niche, if you can.

Create as much content as you can, but remember; write quality content because Google will prefer it. If Google likes your content, it will rank you higher in the Google search engine. Of course you will also need to know what keywords to use. Some words or phrases are popular and rank highly but the competition in those is very strong. There are keywords or phrases that are slightly less well known but can get you ranked quite highly on the search engine pages. People rarely go beyond the first 2 pages when they search for items. That is where you want to be, preferably First.



What are Keywords?


Keywords and the words or phrases contained in keywords which you plan to seed into page titles and content, are for the search engine to display to visitors who search these keywords when they surf the internet. These connect the visitor from search sources to your website. You also can use the same keywords or phrases to do keyword marketing in PPC campaigns and ads. This is very important and if you do not know what keywords you should try to use, then the Jaaxy keyword tool can help you work it out.



Set Up Social Media Accounts


You need to get people to look at your website, this is called getting traffic to your website. Apart from content, video and keywords, you also need to promote your products through social media. You can sign up for your social media accounts and start sharing, following, ad campaigns, connecting with people etc. Examples of social media are: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest, etc.



Create Your Own Video


Creating your own video is another way of sharing your business to the people who may be interested in your product. You can share your video on YouTube to attract someone to come to your website.





You can create your own images/graphics or you can get free images from pixabay, pexels and freepictures. Etc. Remember that many images on the internet are copyrighted and you may get charged for using them. Either create your own original work or or get copyright-free ones.



I Do Not Have a Lot of Money


If you do not have a lot of money, you can still build your own online business. Becoming an affiliate marketer can help you to get started. You do need some small amounts of money for a domain name and some proper training if you are a beginner. The correct training will help you and save you time and money, guiding you in the right direction. Here, I show you how you can learn how to sell other people’s products and then earn commissions from it.



To Become an Affiliate Marketer


Here is why it is a good thing for you to become an affiliate marketer. You do not need to create a product and you do not need to find storage for your products. You do not need to pack your products, ship your products or serve your customers, dealing with lost orders/returns and complaints. You just need to make sure the products, you are marketing, are good ones and that you get good reviews from your buyers. You can choose good products to recommend to your customers and then earn commission from them.



Affiliate Marketers Usually Promote 2 Types of Products:

1. Physical Products


Which Affiliate Program is the Best for Physical Products?


Actually, to become an affiliate marketer selling physical products is not difficult. Amazon has a wide range of products and is a well-known trusted brand. Because it is a well-known, trusted brand the buyer purchases the products without worry of fraud. If you referred a customer to buy a trusted, brand product the buyer will often buy more products from you without much persuasion and at the same time you will earn more commission.



What Niche Would You Like to Promote?


You need to decide what type of physical products (depending on your Niche,) you would like to promote. I thoroughly recommend the Amazon affiliate program since they never miss paying your commission. They also have great customer service. Join as an Amazon associate and become an Amazon affiliate and promote Amazon physical products to make 4%-10% commission from it. Before you become an Amazon associate you will need to have your own website. To set up your website you can click here and have your own WordPress website up and running in less than 30 minutes.



2. Digital Products


Digital products can be eBooks, web elements software for downloading, videos and courses: learning a language, building your own website, themes, services, Internet marketing, making money online, music, photography, etc. The advantage of selling digital products is that you can create your own digital products and sell them. For example an eBook, all the above mentioned need no manufacturing costs.



My Goal is to Help People to Set up Their Own Website for an Online Business


My goal is to help everyone, who really wants to, set up their own online business. Hopefully my experience will give you some insight into how to set up your own website for free or become a member of Wealthy Affiliate. To learn how to start your own online business: Remember, I do not need your credit card to help you set up the free account.


Start Your Online Business



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How to Set up Your Own WordPress Website Free

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